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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Present problems

When I found out I was having a baby in March, I was so excited for Christmas...having a 9 month old at Christmas would be so fun!  Danny and I are both March babies, too, and our parents told us how fun we were at that age. 

I imagined lots of ripping presents open, smiles, laughter, and playing with new toys.

Gibson was pretty much only interested in eating wrapping paper.  And squeezing his presents.  And not opening them.

And then, on Christmas morning, he opened his first present mostly by himself!  He ripped all the paper off, took the book out, and started pointing at the pictures on the front. 

Aaaaand then he decided that he didn't need any more presents.  When we tried to take his book away and gave him another present to open, he screamed and threw the present aside until we gave his book back so he could point at the pictures.

It's probably for the best that Gibson wasn't super interested in opening presents, because that's not the reason we celebrate Christmas.  And the book he insisted on pointing at was about Jesus' birth; what could be better than that?

I'm sure Gibson will be more interested in presents next year, but I hope that he's also more interested in learning about Jesus...this year I tried to tell him about Jesus, but he was more interested in hitting me in the face than listening.  And he was way more interested in pointing at the donkeys in his book than hearing about baby Jesus.

Also, the toy that Gibson loves most so far this Christmas is a rattle that he's had since before he was born.  I put it in his stocking so that he might be more interested in seeing what was inside (a stuffed Bubble Puppy), but it turns out that he only wants to play with the rattle.  Silly kid.  Next year I'm just going to wrap old toys, remote controls, and cell phones for him to open.  I'm sure he would be just as happy!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Chatty Cathy

At his nine month appointment, Gibson's pediatrician was surprised by how verbal he is.

...she obviously doesn't know me very well, because any child of mine is bound to be verbal.

Gibson has started chatting to himself while he plays, and it's the cutest ever!  He's constantly babbling and screaming and making sweet little noises.  And sometimes it seems like he knows what he's trying to say.  He was playing with a monkey the other day and started making monkey sounds: "Eeeee! Eeeeee!" And when he hears the Bubble Guppies theme song he says, "Buh buh!"

We were at my parents' house this weekend for Christmas, and of course we all watched some old home videos from when I was a toddler and my sister was a baby.  And WOAH.

I talked a lot.  A really, really lot.  If I were my parents, I would have taped my mouth shut, for real.

So I'm kind of hoping that Gibson takes after his daddy and doesn't talk as much as I do, but so far he seems to take after me in that area.  Poor kid...he should probably hide the duct tape.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Following the leader

Gibson has been getting more mobile every day...it's ridiculous.  He can army crawl pretty quickly now, and is really enjoying it.  We'll be playing in the living room and he'll just randomly scoot away into the dining room...it's strange, because he's always been so content to hang out like a lump in one place!

So I decided to let Gibson lead me around the house to see where he might want to go.  And along the way I learned a few things about him and our house!

Our first trip took us through the entry and down the hall, where we stopped in the doorway to the master bedroom.  I couldn't figure out why Gibson wanted to stop there until I noticed that he was trying to reach the hinge on the door.

Our second trip took us a few feet back down the hallway, where Gibson stopped by his dirty diaper pail.

The third stop was the place where the tile meets the carpet between the dining room and entryway to the house.

The fourth stop was where the tile meets the carpet between the dining room and kitchen.

The fifth trip took us into the kitchen, where Gibson sat and stared at a bag of onions for a minute or two.

The sixth trip took us back down the hallway, where we stopped between the dirty diapers and a closet door which, of course, has hinges.

The seventh trip was crawled, not walked, and stopped right below the thermostat.  And then Gibson got sad because he couldn't reach the thermostat, no matter how hard he tried.

The eighth stop was at the carbon monoxide detector just around the corner from the thermostat.  He inspected (tried to unplug) it for awhile.

The ninth trip took us into the living room, where Gibson stopped at a dog toy and chewed on it.

And now my back hurts from hunching over so Gibson could hold my fingers while he walked.  And Gibson is contentedly chewing on his feet.

Here is what I learned about our house from this adventure:
1) There is a lot of dog hair hanging out where the tile meets the carpet.
2) The thermostat is up way too high on the wall, according to Gibson.
3) The carbon monoxide detector is too low on the wall, according to mom.
4) There are too many dog toys on the floor.
5) Our hinges are super cool.

And what I learned about Gibson:
1) He loves onions.
2) He doesn't like sitting on cold tile when he's not wearing pants.

...then again, who does?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Banana poop

Warning: this post contains the word "poop."  And also talks about poop.

...not that I've warned you about poop in any previous posts about poop, but better late than never, right?

I mentioned in some other post one time that we do baby-led weaning as a way to introduce Gibson to solid food.  A really short explanation of baby-led weaning:

Instead of spoon feeding a baby purees, you give them chunks of food that they can put in their own mouth.  Before the pincer grasp is developed, it's best to give them pieces of food that are french fry-shaped so they can grab it in their fist and also have some to put in their mouth.  You don't start until 6 months, and you do not put anything in baby's mouth.  The idea is that they have control over what they eat, how much goes in their mouth, how far back in their mouth it goes, etc.  This creates less picky eaters in the future.  And it's also easier for mom and dad because no one has to get splattered with purees at every meal.

Seriously, that was a VERY SHORT explanation.  I read an entire book on it before we started that had WAY MORE information than what I just gave you.  So if you're thinking about doing BLW, don't just go off of what I said.  >Here< is a link to the book I read.  And if you think books are for losers, at least google it.

So anyway.  Since Gibson turned 6 months old, we've been trying to get him interested in eating food.  And the thing is, he's VERY interested...but he has issues with self control, and likes to shove more food in his mouth than should go in there.  And then he gags and throws up.  It's wondrous, let me tell you.  I've tried giving him smaller pieces so he wouldn't shove so much in his mouth, but then he couldn't pick the food up and screamed a lot.  *sigh*

Recently we've really been encouraging him to eat solids since he's getting older, and he's getting it!  Kind of.  There's still some gagging, but there has also been swallowing!  YAY!  My big boy is ingesting solid food, finally!

And how do I know that he's ingesting it?  His poops.  This morning there were lots of banana strings in his poop!  TA DA!

I never thought I would be so excited to see something in my son's poop.  But really, I was SO EXCITED.  I hope this leads to more eating and less gagging.  Because our dinner guests get really grossed out when my child vomits all over his high chair tray in the middle of a meal.

Sorry, friends.  I hope you still want to eat with us.

Also, I apologize for not putting a vomit warning at the beginning of this post.  Maybe next time!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

One of those days...

Gibson and I aren't having a good day.  He's been SO grumpy.  Lots of shrieking.  Makes mommy want to cry.

I have no idea what the problem is.  Maybe teething?  But I can't see any teeth on their way in.  Whatever it is, it needs to stop, please!

Now for some happy news: Gibson is perfect, according to his doctor!  I could have told her that.  He weighed in at 22 pounds 1 ounce and 28.5 inches (although that's what he was a month ago, and he outgrew some onesies...so that's not accurate).  And he has a big head, of course.  Two of his top teeth are fused together, which is why they look kind of crazy.  And he has eczema, which is no fun.  His skin is kind of lizardy, but in photos it just translates as a nice rosy color.  Which is cute!  But I could do without the eczema, for real.

We have done away with bottles except in the middle of the night because Gibson is a big boy who can drink from a straw now.

Gibson stared at some birds in the snow for like five minutes earlier today.  Maybe we should get him some pet birds!

Ha.  NOT.

Gibson ate cottage cheese at lunch and made really funny faces whenever it went into his mouth.

Ok, the end.  Sorry for the randomness.  That's just how my brain is today.

And here are some cute photos!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Soft kitty, warm kitty

My children are basically cats. Let's discuss why.

*sidenote: I say "children" because Ellie feels left out when I don't include her. And she's very catlike.

Cats like to lay in sunbeams and sleep.
Ellie likes to spread out on the window seat and sleep. And also bark.

Cats are only happy when they feel like it.
Gibson decides his own attitude, thankyouverymuch.

Cats like to lay on the back of the couch.
Ellie is an idiot. And lays her 35 pound body on the back of my pretty couch. And licks my ears.

Cats like to play with yarn.
Gibson sits in my lap and plays with the drawstring on my yoga pants.
And also sits next to Danny and chews on his shoestrings.

Cats delicately eat mushy food out of a small crystal bowl.
Ellie inhales food out of a nasty plastic thing. Delicately. Ish.

Cats poop in a litter box that a human then cleans up.
Gibson poops in a diaper, which Ellie his mom cleans up.

Cats lick their paws to keep them clean.
Ellie licks Gibson's hands when there's food on them.

Cats like to bat at toys and play with things that dangle in front of them.
Gibson's favorite thing is when something dangles over his face and he can bat at it.

Cats like to scratch furniture.
Gibson loves scratching every piece of furniture he comes across. And also his mommy's face.

Cats hate snuggling.
Gibson would rather hit himself in the head with a flail than snuggle most of the time.

SEE?? They're pretty much cats. Maybe I'll try to litter train both of them...

I should mention that I know almost nothing about cats except for the stereotypes that are perpetuated by cat food commercials and television shows. And the movie Homeward Bound. So if your cat is loving and wonderful and poops in the toilet, just ignore me.
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pooping in my pants

You know those Facebook status games that go around and are super fun? I don't like doing them. I don't know why...I just don't. But recently someone started the pregnancy facts game and I want to do it! But not on Facebook...I'm going to do it here. Because I don't follow the rules. I'm a gangsta, yo.

Also, I'm going to post as many facts as I want instead of letting someone else dictate how many I write. YOU DON'T OWN ME.

1.  I found out I was pregnant when I was barely over 3 weeks along. Super early.
2.  We decided at the beginning of my pregnancy not to find out the baby's sex, and we stuck to it! People told us that we would give up and find out and we didn't. Boo yah, haters!
3.  I had to start wearing maternity pants at 6 weeks because I was so bloated, but I didn't gain any weight until my second trimester.
4.  I ended up gaining just under 60 pounds by the end of my pregnancy.
5.  I lost 40 of those pounds in the week after Gibson was born.
6.  Needless to say, I retained water like a camel at the end. I couldn't wear shoes because my feet were so big, and I have stretch marks on my legs from the swelling.
7.  Speaking of stretch marks, my stomach looks like an atlas.
8.  I felt super adorable when I was pregnant even though I looked like a whale.
9.  I was asked whether I was having twins on a daily basis.  It was incredibly irritating.
10.  I was induced on my due date for high blood pressure and a high level of amniotic fluid. I labored for 15 hours and ended up having a c section.
11.  Gibson was born screaming, and got a 9 for both his apgar scores. Such a smart baby, getting a good grade on his first test!
12.  I had awful hip pain that made it hard for me to walk sometimes. Danny had to carry me to the bathroom once. And I weigh more than him when I'm not pregnant...thank goodness he's strong!
13.  A nice Russian man predicted that I was having a boy, but most people thought Gibson would be a girl. Including me. Where's that mother's intuition everyone talks about?
14.  Danny and I both got a stomach bug when I was 7 months. We ended up in the hospital because I was having contractions, and it was the worst/funniest (it was only funny after the fact) night of our lives. There was lots of vomiting and pooping. It was awful.
15.  In that vein, I may or may not have peed my pants several times while I was pregnant. And I might have pooped in my pants when I had the stomach bug. Or not. I'll never tell.

Pregnancy is glamorous, folks! And now you know so much about me! Here's the last photo we took while I was pregnant so you can see my belly in all its whale-like glory:

And I went a week past that. Maybe there were twins in there and they missed one...

Monday, December 9, 2013

9 months on the outside

Well, it's official.

Gibson has spent as much time outside my uterus as he did inside.

I KNOW.  I can't believe it, either.  Wasn't he just born yesterday?  I'm pretty sure he was.

9 months ago.  So wrinkly and sad.

This month is bittersweet for me...I love, love, LOVE this age.  Gibson is ridiculously cute and fun!  But at the same time, I'm sad because in three months he'll be a year old.  ONE YEAR.  That's so old.  He'll probably be graduated from high school by then.  I mean, seriously.

Gibson's 9 month well baby is on Thursday, so I'll have updated height and weight stats for you then.  What I can tell you is that this kid has chunked up.  He has a sweet little big buddha belly, and his arms are all fat and cute and his thighs are just monstrous.  I love it!  He's wearing mostly 12 month onesies and 18 month pants.  Without the cloth diapers he can fit pretty easily in 9 month pants, though.  His butt is quite large.

The sleep regression is still going strong...*insert crying here*.  There were two nights recently when Gibson didn't wake up until 5:30 ish, and those were the best nights of our lives.  Seriously.  But then last night he woke up three times, so I figure the good sleeping was just a fluke.  Sad, sad days.

He has a new bottom tooth coming in, and I'm sure there are more to follow soon, so that isn't helping with Gibson's sleep.  GO AWAY, TEETH!  WE  DON'T EVEN WANT YOU!

Gibson has started doing all sorts of new things, so here's a list of his new skills!

Gibson's new skills!
-Clapping.  So stinking cute.
-Army crawling.  Finally!  And he's working his way up to real crawling.
-Drinking from a straw.
-Walking with help.  He's getting really good at it!
-Cruising on the couch, but only a little bit.  Still, it's a new skill!
-Making omelettes.

And now for our loves and hates lists!

Gibson loves:
-Clapping ALL THE TIME.
-Saying "mama" VERY loudly.
-Sucking his thumb (as of yesterday).
-Walking.  He laughs hysterically the entire time he's walking to something.
-Bacon.  He loves bacon more than anything.
-Finding power cords to chew on.  And grinning at me when I ask him not to.
-Yelling responses at Bubble Guppies when they ask the viewer to answer questions.  It's hilarious.
-Roaring at mommy and daddy.
-Trying to scare mommy by growling in her face.
-Ellie, of course.  And he has been particularly fascinated by her feet recently.
-Drinking water from his straw cup.  I have to seriously monitor him, because he would drink a full cup in one sitting if I let him.  And then he would vomit.  I know this from experience, unfortunately.
-Ellie's bed.  He likes to pull it on top of himself and chew on it.
-Tags on stuffed animals and clothes.
-Scratching the fabric on the couch and chairs in the living room.
-Singing when he hears music.

**I just went to get Gibson out of his crib because he finally woke up, and he started clapping when I walked him his room.  Such a confidence booster!

Gibson hates:
-Not getting a bottle RIGHT AWAY when he's hungry.
-Wearing hats or hoods even though it's really freaking cold here.
-When I take away his precious straw cup because he's drinking too much.
-When I take away the battery/power cord/shoe/pencil/whatever else he has found to chew on that he shouldn't.

Really, Gibson is a pretty happy kid these days!  Teething makes him sad, of course, but other than that he's only sad every once in awhile!

Now you know all about my big 9 month old sweetheart!  He's super fun, and learning so much!  And really cute, which helps when he's screaming, of course.

At this exact moment he's crawling toward a dirty diaper...hooray!  And now he's squeezing it over and over, so I should probably go get it, right?

Ok, I did.  He was sad about it for a minute.  

And now here are some pictures of my sweet boy!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Of monsters and babies

One of Gibson's favorite things in the world is when he's in the living room and I leave and then leap out of the various doorways leading to the room and roar at him.  

Remember my last post; he's not normal.

So anyway, he loves it.  He laughs and laughs and laughs.  And laughs.  For a really long time.  And it helps that this game gets Ellie excited, so she barks and runs around, which also makes him laugh.  It's a laughfest, people!

Today we were playing that game and he STARTED ROARING BACK AT ME.  This kid!!  I would leap out and roar, and then he would laugh, and when I went back behind the wall so he couldn't see me he would roar really loudly and laugh at himself.  

I just love him.  He thinks he's a scary monster, of course!  So we spent a good portion of this morning roaring at each other and laughing.

And also, Gibson learned to clap this morning!  I was singing to him and he started to clap ON THE BEAT.  That's not even a lie.  He really did.  But the next time I tried it he was rhythmically challenged, so I don't know whether he'll actually be a percussion prodigy.  It's hit or miss with this kid.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a video of Gibson clapping, which is SO STINKING CUTE!

I like using the CAPS LOCK KEY, obviously.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My little weirdo

Once upon a time, I wrote a post about Gibson's strange quirks.  I re-read it yesterday, and realized that he has changed a lot in the past two months.  Like, a really lot.

So I figured that it's probably time for a new list of things my weird baby does!

Gibson loves touching things.  He does this weird petting thing where he scratches whatever he's touching over and over.  His favorite thing to touch is EVERYTHING.  At the moment he's touching a plate.  Earlier today he petted a chair for five minutes.

When Gibson is finished with a bottle or is just playing with food and not eating it, I do the sign for "all done" and ask him whether he's finished.  As soon as I sign it, he shoves whatever he's finished with back in his mouth so I can't take it.  If it's a bottle, he slams it into his mouth and grips it so hard I physically can't get it from it.  Food gets shoved all the way into his mouth, which usually leads to gagging.  Super fun.

Now that he has teeth, Gibson does really strange things with his mouth.  He likes to grind his four teeth together, which is a sound I can only compare to an eagle's talons scratching a mirror over and over.  It's awful.  He also clicks his tongue on his gums and makes little rabbit noises, especially when he's concentrating on walking or standing.

One of Gibson's favorite things to do is to walk while we hold his hands, and he's super great at it now!  Except he has decided that he needs to look at his feet while he walks, which means that he ends up falling onto his face more often than not.

Gibson's neck has become super ticklish recently, and he ducks his head when I tickle or blow raspberries on his neck.  One day, he put his head against my shoulder because I was tickling him, and then stayed there for a minute after I stopped.  All of the sudden, he lifted his head and growled at me with his teeth showing like he was trying to scare me.  And then laughed.  It was literally the best thing ever.

If you want to get Gibson's attention or make him laugh, all you need to do is show him a video of himself.  He thinks it's THE GREATEST to watch the videos I take of him on my phone.  And if he's playing with toys and hears me start a video of him, he laughs hysterically.

He's such a weirdo.  He obviously gets that from his daddy, because I'm as normal as they come.  Right?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Talks with babies, part 2

If you recall, I wrote a post one time about how I "talk" to Gibson during the day.  You can re-read it >here< if you want to be super cool.  So anyway, I still talk to Gibson.  BUT NOW HE TALKS BACK.  Kind of.  Here are some recent conversations we've had:

Mom: Hi Gibson!
Gibson: Ayyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!
M: What are you doing?
G: *growl* Hahahahaha!
M: I see!  You're so scary!
G: Mamamamamaamamamama!
M: Yes?
G: Hahahahaha!
G: *Dinosaur roar* MAMAMA!
M:  Oh yeah?  Tell me more!
G:  Mmmmmmmm.  ELLEH.
M:  Ellie?  Where is she?
G:  *looking for Ellie* Laaaaahlalalala.
M:  There she is!  Hi Ellie!
G:  ELLEH ELLEH ELLEH.  Hahahahaha!
M:  Yeah, there's Ellie!  Can you say "Dada?"
G:  *silence*
M:  Dada!
G:  Tuh.  Maaaaaaalala.
M:  You obviously love me more than Daddy, right?
G:  That is correct, mommy.
M:  HI GIBSON!  I love you!
G:  *silence*
M:  Do you love me?
G:  *silence*
M:  Can you give mommy a kiss?
G:  *pushes mommy's face away*
M:  *sobbing*
G:  Hahahahaahhaahaha!

He thinks being mean to me is SO funny...all I want is a nice kiss on the cheek!  And he won't give it to me!  Such an awful child.

But also hilarious and sweet, so that's good.  He is currently in Ellie's bed wrapped up in one of Danny's ties.  Whatever makes him happy, I guess!  I just wish giving his mommy kisses made him happy.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sitting on babies

I never thought I'd be one of "those" moms, but I totally am.  If I never had to leave Gibson, I would be completely happy about it.  Before I had him, I definitely thought that we would just hire babysitters all the time and go gallivanting around town doing all sorts of fun things.  Ehhhh...not so much.

Confession: we haven't been on a date since Gibson was born.

I KNOW.  We get plenty of time together in the evenings since Gibson goes to bed early, but since we just moved and didn't know anyone around here, it was really hard to find someone to babysit.  Stop judging.

But this weekend we went out of town without Gibson!  I was pretty proud of myself.  And I only Facetimed him four times, I think...and that was exercising restraint!  I also watched the videos my parents sent me many, many times.  Like 30 times.

In case you were wondering, we went to a John Mayer concert and it was SO good.  Also, all the drunk girls REALLY love John Mayer.  Because he wrote every song about them.  And he's in love with them, DUH!

It was a super fun weekend, but I was SO happy to see my baby at the end of it.  Except Gibson was only happy to see his daddy, because he loves him best.  Sad face.  And then he was happy to see the fire in the fireplace at McDonald's and didn't care about his parents in the least.  Mean kid.

And then last night he had more babysitters!  But not for a date night, unfortunately.  I had a choir rehearsal and Danny had a pep band thing, so a couple from our church came over to sit on Gibson.  They watched Bubble Guppies and drummed and put him to bed...Gibson's perfect night!  Except for the bed part.  Sleep is not his favorite thing anymore.

So anyway, this post has no meaning except to say that Gibson has had some babysitters recently.  Ta daaaaaa!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweet boy, stinky dog.

Gibson's sleep regression has not gone away, quite unfortunately.  He still wakes up around 3:00 and again at 6:00 to eat, and then sleeps until 7:00 or so.

Last night when he woke up at 2:45 I decided to try and get him back to sleep without a bottle.  So I rocked him for a couple of minutes and he fell asleep in my arms.  And I just stayed there for awhile because it was the best.

It was such a nice quiet moment with my boy.  He's getting so big, and usually he fights snuggles, but in the middle of the night he just snuggled in and slept on me.

I kind of hope that he wakes up again tonight so I can snuggle him!

...except not really.  I REALLY want him to just sleep through the night again, but since that likely won't happen, I'll be happy to snuggle him.  Sweet boy.

Also, the dog pulled a poopy diaper onto the floor, where I stepped in it with my bare foot.  And she has dried poop on her collar and neck hair, which I'm choosing to ignore until her daddy comes home.

Life is beautiful in our house, let me tell you.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I like big butts: Whatcha gonna do with all that fluff?

So you've decided to try cloth diapers!  I knew you would!  I'm obviously so persuasive.

Now that you have some brand new diapers, what do you do with them?  Let's talk about prepping and storing your cloth diapers!  Yay!

When you receive your super adorable diapers, you can't just put them on your baby...they need to be prepped first, which is very unfortunate if you're like me and DON'T WANT TO WAIT.  But you must.

Diaper covers, pocket diapers, synthetic AIO diapers, and microfiber inserts need to be washed with detergent and dried once before they can be used.  This basically gets all of the manufacturing chemicals off the diapers.

Natural fibers are a bit harder.  They naturally have oils in them that need to be removed before they reach their full absorbency, which kind of sucks.  Because you have to wash and dry them SO MANY TIMES before they can be used.  Boooo.  But they absorb more than microfiber, so there you go.  I usually try to wash my natural fibers at least three times before I use them, but some people recommend that you wash them five or more times.

Seriously.  Three times is enough for me.

Now that your diapers are prepped, you need to figure out the best storage system for your family.  I'll show you what we do, but it may not work for you!  It takes some trial and error, but once you find a good flow you'll know it!  Here's what our diaper storage looks like:

Super fancy, right?  The dresser is full of clothes, but the cubbies to the right have diapers.  In each cube is:

Top left: Flip Stay-dry inserts
Top right: Flip covers
Middle left: Microfiber and bamboo/microfiber pocket inserts
Middle right: Pocket diapers
Bottom left: Natural fiber inserts (flour sack towels, fitted diapers, overnight prefolds)
Bottom right: Wet bags, pail liners

Some people stuff their pocket diapers after washing so they're ready to go, but we stuff the diapers as we need them.  I find that I put different amounts of absorbency in Gibson's diapers depending on whether we'll be leaving the house or staying home, so I prefer to stuff as I go.

The tiny trashcan on top of the cubbies is for wipes, since we use disposable wipes.  We also keep the coconut oil and wipes there.

I'm part of a couple cloth diapering groups on Facebook (NERD ALERT), and there are some people with GORGEOUS diaper storage.  I mean, it's a thing of beauty.  If you image search "cloth diaper organization," you'll come across beautiful open shelves of perfectly folded diapers.  I imagine that those diapers only look so beautiful when someone is taking photos of them; I don't have time to fold each diaper and put them in color order on a shelf!  That's why my diapers are shut away; they look beautiful on Gibson's butt, but I don't feel like making them beautiful all the time!

Those of you who cloth diaper, what is your storage system like?  Do you keep your diapers folded meticulously like a crazy person, or are your diapers crumpled in a laundry basket like a normal one?

...not that you're crazy if your diaper storage looks beautiful all the time.  But you might be, I'm just saying.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Domestic goddess.

So, you know how I'm a domestic goddess?  
...oh, you didn't know that about me?  Well, I'm a domestic goddess.  It's true.

Anyway.  Recently I've been a SUPER domestic goddess, at least when it comes to cooking.  Who cares about having a clean house if you have delicious things to eat?  NOT ME.  I also don't care about having a clean house when I have nasty McDonalds to eat, so there you go.

But my house is clean right now because we have friends coming over this weekend!  Hooray!

Anyway.  I really love to bake and cook.  The problem is, my squishy belly does not like it when I bake.  And I can't always be relied on to thaw meat in time to make it for dinner.  BUT RECENTLY.  I've been good at it.  So here are three recipes that I've made recently in case you want to try out being a domestic goddess, too!

We had a church carry-in two weeks ago, and I made a snickerdoodle cake with brown sugar cinnamon buttercream frosting.  THERE WERE 4.5 STICKS OF BUTTER IN THE FROSTING.  This cake was no joke.  You can find the recipe >here<.  I couldn't find superfine sugar at Walmart, so I got the superugly granulated kind.  And I'm never patient enough to soften my butter all the way.  It was kind of dry, but SUPER delicious.  Here's a picture of it all the way finished, and a picture of it almost all the way gone!

I mentioned that we have friends coming into town this weekend.  And I was telling the truth!  We really do!  And so I had to make special things, of course...so last night I put together a pasta casserole for tonight and some COOKIES.  

I made the Two Timin' Pasta that you can find >here<, and tweaked the recipe just a little.  I added a pound of ground turkey and about a cup of cottage cheese.  I'm going to bake it tonight, but I've made it before...so good.  SO GOOD.  And it's super easy!

And now for the cookies.  These are literally the best cookies of my life.  I found the recipe on allrecipes.com (you can find it >here<), and I've made it more times than I can count.  I generally double the recipe, because who doesn't want literally a million amazing cookies?  The key to getting these cookies super perfect is to take them out when the bottom is *barely* brown and the tops are super gooey and look like they aren't done at all.  That takes between 6-7 minutes, in my experience.  I let it sit on the cookie sheet for another 5 minutes or so, and then transfer them (carefully!) to a cooling rack.  And they. are. the. best.  Super chewy, and SO yummy.

And I ate some for lunch.  Because Gibson is having an awful day with lots of screaming, and sometimes mommy needs cookies, ALRIGHT?

Now you should all go cook the food and eat it and then bow down to Erin the domestic goddess!  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rabbit hunting

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Before I had Gibson, there were a lot of things that I assumed I would never do.  Like, I would never let him watch television.  And I would never feed him formula.  But then one day I realized that "Bubble Guppies" makes him stop screaming when nothing else will.  And he was starving, so formula it was!  The Justin Bieber song is right.  Never say never.  You're so wise, J Biebz.

One thing that I wasn't going to do as a parent was to tiptoe around while the baby was sleeping.  "My baby will learn to sleep through vacuuming, dogs barking, and loud music!" I thought to myself as I counted my enormous stacks of money and put on clothes that fit me perfectly.

Haaaaahahaha.  Ha.  Ha.

Sleep is SACRED in the Spit Up house.  No, we don't necessarily tiptoe around the house and speak in whispers while Gibson is asleep, but there's no way on earth I'm going to waltz into his room (or even down the hallway past his room) with a vacuum during nap time.  That would be STUPID, pre-baby Erin!

Gibson is really a pretty great sleeper, all things considered.  Before this horrific sleep regression we were getting 12 uninterrupted hours of sleep every night, and it was amazing.  Even during this regression, we get more sleep than a lot of people do.  We're lucky.  But I'm not about to start testing my luck!  If he goes down for a nap easily, I'll do anything to keep him asleep.

...except medicate him.  That would be wrong, of course.

So there you go.  I stay as quiet as possible during naps, even though I told myself I would live like normal while Gibson was sleeping.  I value his nap times...that's when I eat.  And do the dishes.  And blog, usually.  Except I'm blogging right now and there's a chunky baby with a big yellow diaper rolling around on the floor trying to unplug the computer and chewing on his daddy's shoes.  I'm not predictable!  I like to mix things up sometimes!

And now that I've done my blogging, I can do something super fun during Gibson's next nap!  Something very, very quiet.  Like rabbit hunting.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Gibson has started a fun new thing where he throws a tantrum every time he doesn't get what he wants.  Which is most of the time, because what he wants is usually dangerous, like the laptop cord.  Or the extensive crossbow collection I keep next to his toy basket.

Sometimes his attention can be diverted to something else, but most of the time Gibson is single-minded about getting the thing that he shouldn't have.  Let's look at some recent examples:

Gibson is laying on the floor and mom is trying to change his diaper.  He discovers that he can reach the dirty diaper if he rolls over.  Mom asks him to lay on his back and stop touching the dirty diaper.  TANTRUM.

Mom is holding her pretty phone.  Gibson tries to eat it, and mom says no.  She gives him a toy instead.  TANTRUM.

Gibson notices that the laptop cord looks very enticing today.  He rolls over to it and tries to grab it.  Dad picks Gibson up and puts him by the toy basket so he can play with appropriate toys.  TANTRUM.

Ellie moves her tail so that Gibson can no longer pull it.  TANTRUM.

Mom doesn't allow Gibson to chew on the poopy wipe that was taken out of the trash can by the smelly dog.  TANTRUM.

...do you see a pattern?  Mom/dad/Ellie are MEAN, and Gibson has a TANTRUM.  His life is awful, basically, and he never gets to do what he wants to do.  Like eat poopy wipes.

Babies are gross sometimes.

Would you like to see some photos of tantrums in action?  Because our eight month photo shoot was basically one big tantrum.

But he's so cute when he's throwing a tantrum, right?  And at least they don't last very long.  And just so you know that he's capable of not crying, here's a photo from the two minutes he wasn't throwing a fit:

So precious.  I love him.  Even when he's throwing a fit about not getting what he wants...I'm sure there's much more of that to come in the years ahead!

Also, if you're a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you probably remember the episode where Ted and Marshall drive to Chicago to eat at the gross pizza place and they drink a super-caffeinated drink called "Tantrum."  Because it's a good episode.

Tantrum gives Marshall super strength, so he can rip a phone book in half.  And it made Ted colorblind.  TANTRUM!

So anyway, that has nothing to do with this post.  But I kept yelling, "TANTRUM!" while I wrote it and I thought it was super funny.  The end.

P.S.  I typed it too many times, and now the word "tantrum" has lost all meaning for me.  Seriously.  What does it even mean?  Is that even how it's spelled?  I'm losing my mind!

P.P.S.  This reminds me of the Dr. Seuss book "Great Day for Up."  By the end of that book the word "up" looks SO WEIRD to me.  In case you wondered.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Gibson has aged another month!

Can you even believe that my big boy is eight months old?  It's crazy!  Gibson weighs 21.5 pounds and is 28.5" long...he finally had a growth spurt!

This month has been so much fun.  Gibson has so many new skills and quirks, and I love it!  He now has three teeth (almost four), and still cannot crawl.  He seriously wants to, and he's making headway, but I have a feeling it'll be awhile before he actually gets his Buddha belly off the ground.

Right now he is licking the carpet.  So smart.

While it's been a fun month, Gibson also had an awful sleep regression/growth spurt/teething/something that made us all very very miserable.  So that wasn't super fun.  And it's probably not over, which is also not super fun.

My favorite of Gibson's new things is the constant babbling!  He used to mostly just babble a little when he was angry, but now it's constant.  He says "Lalalalalala" and "Wawawawa" and my favorite: "Mama."  Ohhhh it's so wonderful.  We've gotten a couple of "Dada"s, but nothing super consistent.  Haha Danny!  He loves me best!

Although he can't crawl, Gibson is way more mobile than he used to be.  He can roll all the way across a room really quickly, and he can inch forward on his face when he needs to reach something.  It's really very strange.

He looks for Ellie if you ask him where she is...adorable.  And he has been waving recently, but only when he wants to.  He waved at me when I went and got him out of his crib yesterday morning...love love love.

And now he's chewing on a dog toy.

...now he's chewing on a plastic coffee mug.  This whole mobile (ish) child thing isn't a whole lot of fun sometimes.  Mommy just needs to write a blog post, child!  Calm down!

Per usual, here is Gibson's list:

Gibson loves:
-Dancing and singing to music.  He rocks back and forth and yells loudly when music is playing.  My favorite time he does this is at church during worship...seriously cute.
-Rolling over.  He likes to roll onto his belly when he's eating a bottle, and then gets confused as to why nothing is getting into his mouth.  And then he screams.
-Ellie.  No surprise there, right?
-Ellie's toys
-His daddy
-Silverware.  This is pretty troublesome at restaurants.

Now he's chewing on a mixing bowl.  I'm not making this up.  He really is.  And now his head is inside of it.  Crazy kid.

Gibson hates:
-Teething.  Mommy and daddy hate it, too.  SO MUCH.
-When things are in his way when he's rolling.
-Having his nose wiped.  Which sucks, because he has a cold and there's SO MUCH SNOT in there.

Ta da!  Such a good list.

*Sidenote: the reason there are so many things on the floor for Gibson to chew on is because his mommy has a fever and feels like poops and doesn't feel like cleaning right now.  And his daddy was busy taking care of him and his mommy all day and also didn't get any cleaning done.  Ohhh well.

*Sidesidenote: Seeing as I have a fever and crazy headache, no 8-month photos have been taken yet.  I'm hoping this awful fever doesn't come back so I can feel up to it tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I like big butts: You're putting that poop WHERE?

Now that we've talked about the fun part of cloth diapering (the diapers), let's talk about the not-so-fun part.  Washing them.

The poopy diapers.

In your beautiful, sparkling washing machine.

I KNOW.  It seems weird.  But I promise it's not!

First of all, let's talk about storing dirty diapers.  What I do won't necessarily work for you, and what you do may not work for me.  But we're still going to talk about it.

When I was pregnant with Gibson I did massive amounts of research regarding how to store dirty diapers.  They make pails specifically for cloth diapers, but they seemed awfully expensive for basically just a trash can, so I looked into other options.  We ended up with an 8-gallon step can and some Planet Wise pail liners (you can buy them here).  Easy and inexpensive!  We also bought a few wet bags.  This one is my favorite; I can keep clean diapers in the outside pocket and put dirty ones in the actual wet bag.  These keep bodily fluids (and solids) from getting on things in your diaper bag.  Nice!

I should mention that we always spray off poopy diapers before putting them in the diaper pail.  Unless your baby is exclusively breastfed, the poop needs to be rinsed off before being washed.

At first, we kept the lid on the dirty diaper pail...I mean, you need the lid to keep smells from getting out, right?  WRONG.  Keeping the lid on actually created more nasty smells...when all that urine is kept in a pail with no oxygen, ammonia is created and it smells awful.  So now we keep the pail open on top and we get far fewer smells.  Thank goodness!

So now the pail is full, and it's time to wash your diapers!  Again, there are many different ways to wash diapers.  Not every process works for every person, but this is just an explanation of my process.

I take the pail liner out of the diaper pail and lug it down the stairs to my laundry room.  I then empty the liner into the washer, making sure to balance the load (otherwise my washer HATES ME), and I throw the pail liner in on top.  It's a good idea to have two pail liners so you can always have one clean.

I start with a cold rinse with no detergent.  This helps get the yuckies off the diapers.  After that is finished, I do a warm or hot wash (depending on what I feel like doing) with original Tide powder.  I used to use cloth diaper specific detergents, and they never worked for me; I had awful ammonia smell, and it just didn't seem like they were getting clean.  Since switching to real detergent everything is hunky dory!  When choosing a detergent, you really just need to find something without any synthetic fabric softeners.  Whatever works for your clothes will generally work for your diapers.

When washing my diapers, I use the same amount of detergent and water that I would for a similar-sized load of clothing.  Many cloth diaper manufacturers will recommend that you use something like two tablespoons of cloth diaper-safe detergents ONLY.  But that definitely didn't get my diapers clean.  If I got poop on my normal clothes I would use more than two tablespoons of detergent to clean them, so I'm definitely going to use more than that on my diapers!  It works for me, but some people have success using very little detergent.  Again, whatever works for you is fine!

After I wash the diapers, I rinse them one more time just to make sure there's not a ton of detergent left to irritate Gibson's sensitive tushie.  Then it's time to dry!  I generally line dry all my covers and pocket diapers and put the inserts in the dryer.  Some people dry everything in the dryer, and some people line dry everything.  If you're going to throw your covers, pocket diapers, and AIO diapers in the dryer, though, make sure you don't stretch the elastic while it's hot.  Just wait until it's cool and it should be fine!

So there you go!  My wash routine!  I do a bleach soak every once in awhile to get rid of yuckies, but it's not something I do every time I wash my diapers.  You can use bleach on the PUL fabric of the covers, pockets, and AIO diapers and it will not fade it or anything.  If you have stains on your diapers, the best way to get rid of them is to put them in the sun while they're damp.

Oh, and my washing machine does not smell like poop in the slightest, I promise.  And neither do the clothes I wash in the washing machine.  Or the diapers.  Nothing in my house smells like poop!

...except the dog's mouth.  But we won't get into that.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday randoms

We still have no teeth.  We have a hole where a tooth will appear, but we have no teeth.


Not only do we not have any teeth, we do have an uncontrollably grumpy baby.


BUT.  He's so ridiculously cute.  And he's been crying with his mouth closed because his gums hurt, which is super pathetic and also really cute.  And he said "mama" when I was coming toward him to pick him up...even if that was a coincidence, I LOVE IT.

And we took pictures last night (of course), and I LOVE FALL.  Seriously, it's the most beautiful season in the world.



And we have a carry-in at church tomorrow, so I'm going to make a cake!  This cake, to be exact.  I may drool all over it, and then I get to eat all of it, right?  NOM NOM CAKE.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Pass the caffeine

Remember in this post where I said we were in teething hell?


That is exactly what Danny and I looked like all night last night.  Crying hysterically.  Because the tiniest human in our house Would. Not. Sleep.

He went down at 7:00, and was awake at 9:15, 1:30, 3:00, 4:15, and 6:00.  And he wasn't just awake...he was screaming.  And wouldn't stop screaming no matter what we tried...so we ended up feeding him most of those times, which was the only thing on this planet that would put him back to sleep.

So I'm pretty sure we're looking at a teething/growth spurt combo here, which, if it were food, would be the worst combo at the grossest fast food restaurant in the world.  It's AWFUL.  He's grown an inch in the last two or three weeks, and I'm sure he's beefed up...I mean, he's eating all night and all day.

One of his upper central incisors is literally peeking at me from behind the thinnest stretch of gums you can imagine; if it hasn't cut through by the time Gibson wakes up for the day I will CRY.  I probably actually will.

Also, we tried bringing him to our bed to sleep, but our kid refuses to sleep if he's in our bed.  Our bed means either play time or scream time.  Last night was a combination...first he was happy as a clam and wanted to play with my hair (ouch), and then he wanted to look at the pretty flowers on the wall, and then he wanted to honk Danny's nose.  And then he wanted to scream bloody murder.  What happened to the sweet tiny newborn who would sleep next to me when he was sad?

And now my teething tyrant is awake.

Can someone pass the caffeine?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from my lobster baby, who is currently on hour two of his nap!


...is it bad that the sad face picture is my favorite?  He's just so chubby and saaaad!  And I love it!

Ellie was forced wanted to wear the costume, too.  She was a good girl and stood still while I took a picture.

Happy Halloween!  Be safe and have fun!  And eat all the candy, please!