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Friday, August 30, 2013

Monthly updates!

Here are Gibson's monthly updates so far!

At birth:

9lb 6oz
24" (actually more like 21.5")

1 month:

Gibson is one month old! He weighed in at 10lb 9.5oz at his four-week check up. He's doing great at night, and is colicky during the day...when mommy is home alone with him, of course!

2 month:

Happy two month birthday to my big boy! He weighs 12 lb 9.5 oz, and is officially 24 inches (his head was super tall when he was born, so he shrunk a little). Big boy! Gibson is very opinionated, and isn't afraid to tell us what he thinks. 

He loves:
Marco the changing table monkey
His kick and play piano activity gym (SO wonderful)
Being in the Ergo carrier
Spitting up 
When I clean poop from his butt
Bouncing on the yoga ball

He hates:
Being burped
Having a poopy diaper
Tummy time

He is ambivalent towards:
Ellie (much to her dismay)

Mom loves:
The Ergo carrier
the swing
Swaddle blankets
Cloth diapers
Gummy smiles!

Mom hates:
Spitting up. So. Much.

So there you go! Our baby is growing quickly...he'll be driving a Barbie jeep before you know it! ...because I'm going to live vicariously through him, and I always wanted a Barbie jeep.

3 month:

My tiny Gibson baby is a big 3-month-old today! A quarter of a year! Holy cow! He weighed in at 13lb 12.5oz and 25 inches a week ago...big boy! 

He loves:
Jacques the peacock
Ellie (sometimes)
Being naked
Spitting up (unfortunately)

He hates:
Being tired
Being burped

He is ambivalent toward:
Marco the changing table monkey--the love affair ended. Sad.

New skills:
Rolling over from tummy to back
Sleeping through the night (mom's favorite!)
Grabbing EVERYTHING...mom's lips, toys, Ellie's nose, and blankets are his favorites

Gibson is getting way too big! He's working on rolling from his back to tummy, and loves talking to us. His laugh is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard...although so far, he only laughs when he's naked. Crazy little nudist.

4 month:

Happy four month birthday to my boy! Yay! Gibson weighs about 15.5 pounds, and is 26 inches long...and he is transitioning into 9 month clothing. I'm pretty sure baby clothing companies make everything super small so moms like me freak out about their babies growing up too fast. Or so that we have to buy new clothes all the time.

He loves:
-His toes
-Sitting up
-Bubble Guppies
-Eating. All. The. Time.
-Being outside
-Grabbing Ellie's face
-Grabbing Danny's hair
-All of the toys.
-Playing with blankets and prefolds
-Being scared (like when Danny plays peekaboo)
-Naked time! It's the best.

He hates:
-Being on his tummy.
-Being tired
-Being scared (when we say something loudly while he's eating)

He is such a goofy little boy...he sticks his tongue out at us and blows raspberries, laughs all the time at absolutely NOTHING (my favorite!), and really really wants to sit up by himself. Gibson holds his own bottle sometimes, but only when he wants to (we're in for a world of trouble when he's a toddler). And he still spits up all over everything, which I'm hoping will stop soon!

All in all, we have decided that we like him. And I think we'll keep him.

...although if he keeps vomiting on me when I'm trying to snuggle him, I might have to reconsider. 

5 month:

My tiny baby is a big 5-month-old today! I'm not super sure where time is going, but I want it to stop! This will be a long update, because in the past month Gibson has decided to explode with maturity (much to my dismay).

Gibson weighs in at 17 pounds and 27 inches now...big boy! He's quickly outgrowing his infant car seat, but luckily still fits in his 9-month clothes (and some 6-month). We took his pacifier away, and it was the best decision we've ever made...he sleeps so much better now! This kid is an absolute joy...this has been my favorite age so far!

New skills:
-Rolling onto his belly (as of last night!)
-Sitting up
-Growing hair
-Farting super loudly
-Feeding himself an entire bottle all by himself!
-Sleeping 12 hours without waking up (the best)

He loves:
-Dinosaur Train (blech)
-Ellie. Everything about her.
-Grabbing my hair, nose, glasses, and lips.
-Playing "Kiss Monster" (it's a game that involves growling and kissing and makes him laugh.)
-His "jingle jangles" (Mini jingle bells that Aunt Amy got him)
-His new jumper (he doesn't jump yet; he only likes it because the toys reach his mouth)
-Putting things in his mouth (my phone is his favorite)
-Avocados and bananas
-Going outside
-When I make a high-pitched whooping noise...it stops his crying every time.
-His feet

He hates:
-When Ellie leaves the room
-Being hungry
-Teething (he hates EVERYTHING except food when his mouth hurts)

Future skills
-Having teeth
-Crawling (he wants to do it so badly!)

And since Ellie is my baby, too, here's how she feels about things:
Ellie loves:
-Spit up

Ellie tolerates:
-Having her face, tongue, nose, ears, tail, and feet grabbed

Ellie hates:
-When we try to put Gibson on her back for a horsie ride

So there you go! Gibson is just way too big and I want to keep him small forever...but apparently that just isn't going to happen. Sad.

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