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Saturday, August 31, 2013

You may be wondering...

...about the name of this blog.  Because it's strange.

I know.

When I was pregnant, I feel that I had fairly realistic expectations of what having a baby would mean.  It would mean lots of poop, slobber, boogers, urine, and yes, spit up.  Babies spit up!  It's a well-known fact, dummy!

People who claim that "babies spit up!" have no idea.  None.  At all.  Danny and I had NO IDEA what we were in for, spit up-wise.

It's been insane, people.  Gibson's first spit up explosion happened when he was 8 days old and about to have his newborn photos taken.  He emptied his belly all over his little naked body, the floor, and me.  I was surprised...it seemed like an awful lot of spit up for a baby who had eaten 2 ounces of formula half an hour ago!

Since that day, our lives have been a never-ending sea of spit up.  One Sunday, Gibson went through ten onesies before noon.  TEN.  And we don't change his clothes if there's only a little spit up on them...we wait until they're so soaked you can see through them.  For awhile, I was doing two or three loads of laundry a day of JUST spit up-covered clothes, blankets, and towels.  I went through three or four shirts a day at one point.  The smell of spit up has become comforting to me.  Gross.

People worry about Gibson's spit up.  If they don't know that it's just how he is, they ask, "Is he alright?  Is that normal?  Are you sure you don't need to do x, y, and z to fix this?"  Ha.  We've tried everything.  We've been to doctors.  We've done it all.  He's just a happy little spitter.  Our doctor told us that a handful of spit up is normal after each bottle...but it's not a handful.  It's three or four handfuls.  And it's not only after a bottle.  We have no idea when the spit monster will strike...it could be an hour after he's eaten, or it could be more than two hours after a bottle.  Somehow he saves up enough to always have spit up available.

This is my life.  I have the most adorable child in the world, and he's always covered in spit up.  It's just how things are.  And it's gross most of the time.  I have learned to deal with it.

Luckily, I have a dog who is more than willing to help me deal with the spit up.  Because, as the famous song says, "Just a spoonful of spit up helps the heart worm medicine go doooown!"

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