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Friday, September 6, 2013

Curiouser and curiouser...

Babies are very special little creatures.  They have huge heads (SUPER huge, in my son's case), weirdly short arms, and they have a power over adults that just can't be explained.  And once they grow out of the lump-on-the-floor stage, they start developing a personality...and sometimes it's just weird.

Gibson is a strange little baby.  He has some quirks that have started recently that make me smh!

smh=shake my head in txt spk, lol rofl

He has, in the past day or two, started to chew on my big toe.  If he sees it next to him, he lunges for it and takes a big bite.  It really tickles, until it hurts.  And he doesn't seem to care whether I'm hurt...he just wants to chew on my toe.  Weird.

Gibson is enthralled by my glasses.  He will lovingly gaze into my eyes and remove my glasses...and then stick them down his throat and gag.  It's lovely.  But not as lovely as when he rips them from my face in a fit of rage; that's super fun!

When we feed him a bottle, Gibson doesn't eat nicely.  He has to punch his bottle over and over with his left hand until it goes flying from his mouth, and then he screams.  When the bottle goes back in his mouth, he repeats the process.  It's exhausting.

Gibson is fascinated by drinks.  If I'm drinking something from a glass, he tries to grab it out of my hands.  And if he gets it, he sucks on the rim...unless there's a straw.  In that case, he bites on the straw for a bit and then shoves it down his throat and gags.  When I remove a glass of water from the living room, he screams.  The only thing that motivates him to try and crawl is a glass.  I have actually started hiding it when I need to get a drink...I go to the kitchen, drink really quickly, and come back to the living room and pretend like nothing happened.  It's getting a little ridiculous!

At bedtime, we put Gibson in a nighttime diaper, put on his sleeper, feed a bottle, and then snuggle a little before putting him in the crib.  Once he's in the crib, we hand him his blankie...which he promptly puts over his face.  One of these days he's going to give me a heart attack, I swear.  We sneak back into his room once he's asleep to remove the blanket from his face, don't worry!  And there are holes in the blanket, which makes me feel a tiny bit better.  But that's the only way he'll sleep.  *sigh*

When he's tired, Gibson closes his eyes and thrashes his head from side to side.  At some point he'll just stop abruptly and be asleep.  It's so strange.

Gibson likes to blow bubbles in his spit up.  Nasty.

My favorite quirk these days is when Gibson plays with my hair.  Sometimes he yanks it when I'm tickling him, but a lot of the time he'll lay in my lap, gaze at my hair, and run his fingers through it.  He doesn't pull or anything...just plays with it.  It's super sweet, and I hope he never stops!

...he plays with Ellie's whiskers in the same way.  He also grabs fistfuls of her skin and pulls, and yanks on her collar, and pulls on her ears.  I'm glad she's a sweet doggy who won't bite my baby.

So there you go!  Some of Gibson's quirks!  To those of you reading this (there might not be any!), what kind of quirks do your babies have?  Or pets, if you don't have babies.  Or neighbors, if you don't have pets?

Also, the word "curious."  It's strange, right?  Just look at it.  And say it over and over.  Weird.


  1. Pet quirks! Erin style:

    Telulah is afraid of:
    Me coughing (no one else)
    Me reading (also no one else)
    Arbitrary teenage girls

    Telulah loves:
    Hiding in the closet if I do any of the above
    Eating flowers
    Putting herself to bed at 9:00

    Telulah is not so sure about:
    Her food
    Children - they might be out to eat her food

    1. Hahaha! Telulah is such a special little doggy!

  2. When I read about him blowing bubbles in his spit up, I had to share. Joely ate until she made herself sick the other day. She loves crackers and vinegar cucumbers and just couldn't stop herself. When she spit up (which is incidentally rare at this age if it gives you any hope for the future), she bent down and proceeded to try to pile the spit up back into her mouth. And it got me to thinking she's not that much different than a dog, which is not very reassuring if you ask me.

    1. Oh my gosh, Stacy, that's too funny! And also disgusting. And it's also exactly what my dog does...definitely not reassuring! :) It's good to know that he'll stop spitting up someday, though. I can't wait!


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