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Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'd do it again

As it turns out, babies require a lot of stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  And every baby needs different things; one baby loves being in a bouncer, while another can't stand it.  People will insist that your baby NEEDS things that, once you have them, you find completely unnecessary.  So you should take this list with a huge grain of salt.

Things that I would totally buy again if I had to:

1.  Ergo carrier

This thing is amazing.  It makes it so much easier to go places with Gibson where I don't want to push a huge stroller.  He loves it, and I love that it disperses his weight over my shoulders and back.  Gibson is a monstrous child, so that's important to me!  And, bonus, using the Ergo makes me feel like a marsupial.  Just what I've always wanted!

2.  Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

I love snuggling my son, but sometimes I need to put him down and get things done.  This jumper makes that so easy!  He absolutely loves the toys, and can be entertained by them for about the amount of time it takes me to eat breakfast...which is all I want, really.  He doesn't know how to jump in it yet, but that's ok.  As long as he's not screaming, I don't care if he uses it the way it was intended.

3.  My Little Legs legwarmers

These are great for fluffy baby butts!  Pants don't fit super well over his cloth diapers, and taking them off of his kicking legs is my idea of a nightmare.  I don't have to take the legwarmers off to change Gibson's diaper...that in itself makes them worth it!  They're also great for traveling; instead of bringing gazillions of full outfits with us, we can bring one pair of legwarmers and several onesies that match them.  It saves room in the diaper bag, and again, I don't have to try and put pants on over his huge butt.

4.  Cloth diapers!

Cloth diapers might be the single best investment we have made for Gibson.  It turns out that babies are very expensive.  Between clothes, toys, formula (which we weren't planning on having to use!), and everything else Gibson needs, we're on a pretty tight budget.  When we decided to cloth diaper I wasn't sure whether we would stick with it...but the savings were just too great to ignore!  Luckily I LOVE cloth diapering (I'll write a post on it later!), and I especially love the money it saves us.  Every time we're at Walmart and don't have to buy diapers I do an internal victory dance.  And Gibson's butt is just so cute!  It's a win-win.

5.  Formula dispenser
Parent's Choice Powdered Formula Dispenser
This is super useful for the times that we're out of the house!  The dispenser has three compartments for formula that you can measure out before you leave.  This is also one item that I've been forced to buy 6-7 times, because the dog keeps eating them.  Stupid dog.

6.  VTech Baby Monitor

We didn't need these in our tiny rental house, but now that we live in a big kid house, it's so nice!  We can hear Gibson in his room when we're in the basement doing laundry, outside on the deck enjoying a glass of wine milk, or watching a medical drama in the living room.  ...who am I kidding?  We don't do laundry.  We just watch medical dramas.

7.  Convertible Mini Crib

This crib is slightly smaller than a Pack 'n Play, and it has worked really well for us!  In our rental house, Gibson slept in our bedroom, and there was no room for a normal-sized crib!  This does the job it was meant to do, without taking up loads of space.  It seems pretty small in Gibson's new room, but that's ok!  He still fits in it, and will until he needs a big boy bed.  Also, my husband likes to tell people that "Hardly anyone in Europe uses a normal-sized crib."  So pretentious.

So there you go!  Some of my favorite baby things!  Sure, there are other things that have been helpful at times during Gibson's life (Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, activity gym, Rock 'n Play), but these seven products have stood the test of time (six months).

Look tomorrow for a list of products that I wouldn't buy again!  Here's a sneak peek:

Baby bangs.  Gibson was just so bald for awhile there!  I just wanted him to be pretty!  /sarcasm

And if you want to order some for yourself, go to www.baby-bangs.com.


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