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Monday, September 2, 2013

If I could turn back time...

Yesterday I made a list of the baby things I would totally buy again.  Today's list is the complete opposite: things I wish I hadn't bought.  And a few things that I'm glad I didn't  buy.  If you read this list and then choose to buy something from it for your child, I will not judge you for it.  Except in my head.  :)

Let's begin:

1.  Newborn clothing

Gibson was a big ole baby.  Newborn clothes never fit him...and I can't imagine that any of our future children will be small enough to fit in them.

2.  Moby wrap

See how happy ^that baby is to be in the Moby wrap?  Yeah, Gibson was never that happy about it.  When he was super tiny he would sleep in it, but I was constantly nervous about him slipping out of it because it never felt secure enough.  Also, it was a pain to put on because it is, essentially, a mile-long piece of fabric.  Mine definitely never looked as nice as the pictures on the box...it looked more like a crumpled up toga with a baby shoved inside.  No wonder I got a lot of strange looks at Walmart...

3.  Expensive bottles

Before Gibson was born, my plan was to breastfeed.  And in order to breastfeed, I would need great bottles so that he wouldn't be confused switching back and forth between my boobs and the bottle.  So I bought several different kinds of very expensive bottles.  And then I wasn't able to breastfeed...and Gibson hated the expensive bottles.  So I was stuck with a bunch of fancy bottles, and when I sold them, I didn't get as much money for them as I had paid.  And I was sad.  The end.

4.  Bouncer

We bought this bouncer thinking that it would be a nice place to put Gibson down so we could get things done.  HA!  We spent an awful lot of time putting Gibson in the bouncer, taking him out, putting him back in, taking him back out.  Not productive.  Gibson is the kind of child who lets us know what he wants...and he didn't want this bouncer.  Not at all.

5.  Crib bedding

This is something that we're glad we didn't buy!  I just don't think crib bedding is necessary.  It's super adorable, yes, but you can't use any of it!  Bumpers are unsafe for babies, comforters are unsafe for babies...so you're left with a fitted crib sheet.  A very expensive fitted crib sheet.  So we, being the frugal-minded people we are, bought a few cheap fitted crib sheets...and that's it.  So far, the only time I have missed having an adorable bedding set is when I see pictures of Pinterest nurseries...and then I remember that I don't have the time or money to create something so beautiful, so I get over it.

6.  Baby shoes

Baby shoes are another thing that we're glad we didn't invest in.  Gibson doesn't walk yet...why does he need shoes?  Socks are fine, bare feet are even better!  Baby shoes are way too expensive, and he won't fit in them very long.  Also, I would prefer that his feet didn't stink quite yet.  I'm sure I'll get enough of that when he's a teenager.  Blech.

...in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that we did order a pair of soft-soled baby shoes this morning.  They were on super sale, and I bought them too big so that he can wear them outside when he starts walking.  Boom.

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