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Friday, September 27, 2013

Insane in the brain

Before I got pregnant, I didn't believe in pregnancy brain.  It was like something women made up to excuse their mistakes.  Santa Claus is believable.  Pregnancy brain?  Nope.

And then, BAM.  Baby in my uterus.

And suddenly, I couldn't remember things...which is strange, because I have a creepy good memory.  I remember peoples' names after meeting them once, and I usually remember what they were wearing when I met them.  It's weird, I know.  But when I was pregnant, my superpower left me.  It was a very sad time.

So...I became a believer, obviously.  Pregnancy brain is real.

People started to tell me how much worse it would become after the baby came.  Oh good!  I'm going to be like this forever!

I'm happy to report that my brain is pretty much back to normal, at least on the creepy name memory front.  I am sad to report that I have definitely become more absentminded since Gibson was born.

I put Gibson down for a nap this morning...hugged him, kissed him, turned on his white noise and music, and left.  He was crying, but usually he stops in a minute or two and falls asleep.  At some point, he did get quiet.  Success!  He's asleep!  And then I heard what sounded like someone banging on the walls.  Then came the screaming.

So I went into his room...and it turns out that I had left his light on.  It was super bright, and he was SUPER sad about it.  He fell asleep within five minutes after the light was turned off.  

Mommy brain strikes again.  Darn it.


  1. Seriously, I'm all about Omega-3 fatty acids. He sucked them all out of you to build his own brain, and now you need to get some back for your own brain. :D

  2. My baby brain is worse than ever! I can't even remember what month it is (literally - I told someone it was May...at the end of August). I was never this stupid before baby...

  3. That is not good news for someone who is already entirely too forgetful... and where do you find all of these hilarious and appropriate gifs?


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