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Friday, September 13, 2013

Mr. Grumpybutt

Little Gibson boy has had a rough week...which means that mommy has also had a rough week. Unfortunately (for mommy), Gibson always cheers up right as his daddy gets home from work.  Of course.

You're right, Anne Hathaway.  It's totally unfair.

For as long as we've had her, Ellie has always acted differently when only one of us is home with her than when we're both home.  During the week, I'm the only parent home with her, and she's a perfect angel.  She sleeps all day, never barks, and never asks to be let outside.  On Saturday when we're both home is a different story.  She's SO ANNOYING.  She constantly barks, whines, and begs to be let outside.  

We think that Gibson may have the opposite problem.  He's a monster when I'm home alone with him, and an angel when daddy is also home.  

I should clarify what I mean by "monster."  He's definitely not the worst baby in the world, I promise.  And compared to his colicky days, he's a dream!  But for the past week, he's just...not happy.  He has his happy moments, and they're wonderful!  But they're also short-lived.  And I just want my happy baby back!

Usually, Gibson cheers up if we take him outside, but today even that hasn't helped.  The only thing that has made him happy today (besides "Bubble Guppies," of course) is when I sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" over and over.  After awhile, though, he gets mad at me for singing it.  He's a finicky baby sometimes.

It doesn't help that he had to get his six month vaccinations yesterday...poor baby.  We love our new pediatrician, though!  And Gibson especially loved the paper on the exam table.  He pulled it on top of himself and thrashed around with it...it was absolutely hilarious.  And then he started eating it, and I had to stop him.  And then he got really grumpy.  I'm the worst mom ever, by the way.  Just ask Gibson.

Hopefully next week is better than this one was!  All I can say is, thank God for "Bubble Guppies."  When I've exhausted all of my other options, it's the one thing I can count on to make Gibson happy!  He especially loves Mr. Grouper's outside song.

It's not really awkward.  It's a lovely song, really.

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