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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Six months old!

Guess who will be 6 months old tomorrow?

That's right!  My smiley boy!  I can't believe half a year has passed since he was born...is this the speed at which my life is going to go from now on?  Because I'm not ok with it.  He should stay a baby forever, please.

Gibson, according to our home measurements, is 27.5 inches long, and weighs about 17.6 pounds.  He's slowing down a little...which is fine with me, because buying new baby clothes all the time was putting a serious dent in my diamond budget!

He has two brand new teeth, and is really working on crawling...but I think it'll be awhile before he actually becomes mobile!  Gibson loves playing with his toys, and is just a super fun baby.  He laughs and smiles a lot (usually at Ellie), and his meltdowns are happening less often...which is wonderful!  I love my sweet big boy!

Gibson loves:
-Ellie.  She's his favorite thing in the entire world
-Any toy that makes noise
-Biting me with his teeth.  Tiny vampire?  Probably.
-Music...thank goodness!
-Sitting up.  He's a pro now!
-Waking up from naps
-His white noise machine.  He tries to play with it while I'm changing his diaper...which makes it hard to change him.
-Trying to drink from our glasses
-Pulling my glasses off my face
-Putting his pajamas on at night...I think he knows that it means there's a bottle coming.
-When we pretend to drop him.  It's a terrifying game for me to watch.
-Looking at the baby in the mirror
-Taking showers

Gibson hates:
-Being on his tummy.
-Not being able to crawl.  The problem is, he needs to be on his tummy in order to crawl.  Silly kid.
-Being tired or hungry
-Tipping over when he's sitting up

So there you go!  My sweet half-a-year-old!  The next six months will go by slower...right?  

...just lie to me and say that they'll go by super slowly, please.  And that he'll be a baby forever.  And that he'll want to play every instrument and never kiss girls until he's forty.  

And now for some six month pictures!



  1. heifer, he's just beautiful!!! i can't wait to meet him someday :) i'm sure the next six months will go by at a snail's pace.

  2. Cannot wait to see you guys again and your new place!!! Tell this little bugger that we miss him, too :)


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