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Monday, October 28, 2013


For those of you who don't know my husband very well, this is what he looks like:

"But Erin, that's a picture of a baby!"

Well, he pretty much looks like that.  Even though this picture was taken approximately 24 years ago...which is why people think he's in high school instead of being old enough to have gotten a Master's degree and teach high school.  We have tried to come up with ways to make him look older...he swoops his hair now (very suave) and always wears a shirt and tie, but he still looks like a teenager.  Many people have suggested that he grow a beard...such a great solution!

But he can't.  And it's something we have to live with everyday of our lives.

The fact that Danny can't grow a beard is especially unfortunate for Gibson.  Because he loves beards.

Loves.  Them.

He stares awkwardly at men with beards, and tries to pet them.  He is obsessed with my dad's beard-clad face.  Danny's brother has a huge beard, and Gibson likes to look at and touch it.  We have lots of friends with lots of facial hair, and Gibson is enamored with their faces.

I hope that he isn't disappointed in his daddy's lack of facial hair as he grows up.  And I hope that his love of beards doesn't translate into wanting one himself, because I have a feeling that he'll have trouble growing one.  Because he is his daddy's clone.

...although if he somehow gets his hair genes from me, he'll be quite the hairy little lad.  Which is sad for me, but good for him!

He's well on his way to being a wolf man.  So much hair!

Danny doesn't really look like a baby.  I was being hyperbolic.

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