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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I like big butts. I cannot tell a lie.

When I want to do something, I really go for it.  I'm the kind of person who needs to be an expert before I jump into something...and then I end up knowing a whole lot about things that other people don't care all too much about.  And when I start spouting my knowledge, I'm pretty sure people cringe.

But I'm about to spout some knowledge.  Because I WANT TO.  So there.

When I decided to cloth diaper, I read every piece of information I could get my hands on.  I know more about cloth diapering than I know about most things in this world...unfortunately, this knowledge won't be super useful after I'm done having children.  Darn.  If it wouldn't be disgusting and super weird, I would totally keep Gibson in cloth diapers until he graduates from high school.  I could even make him a diaper with his school colors to wear to pep rallies!  Adorbz, right?

Anyway, I get lots of questions about cloth diapering, so this post will basically be answering some of those questions.  In subsequent posts I'll go more in depth about our processes and what we use .  When I was making the decision to do cloth, I loved reading about what other people do...even if it didn't work for me, it was nice to have real-life examples!

Q:  Why did you choose to cloth diaper*?
A:  I'm so glad you asked!  The main reason that we chose cloth diapers is the savings.  Babies are expensive, and this is a way to save a LOT of money.  Cloth is also better for the environment and baby's skin.  And also, it's CUTE.  That might be the second most important reason.  

*I'm not sure anyone has actually asked me this.  I just wanted you to know.

Q:  Isn't it gross putting poop in your washer?
A:  Well, no.  I mean, haven't studies shown* that all underwear has traces of fecal matter on it?  You don't put gobs of baby poop straight into your washer...that would be gross, of course.  I have a toilet sprayer so I can spray the poop into the toilet, and then wash the diaper.  You can also dunk your diapers in the toilet, but Gibson's poop is the consistency of really stick bread dough sometimes, so that doesn't work for us.  If your baby is exclusively breastfed (no formula or solids), the poop is water soluble, so you can actually throw it straight into the washer.  I have friends who still rinsed the poop, even though it technically could have gone in un-rinsed.

*I have no evidence that studies have actually shown this.  I think I read it somewhere on the internet.  Don't ask me to back that statement up, because I can't.

Q:  Is it really cheaper to cloth diaper?  What about the money you spend on the extra water it takes to wash the diapers?
A:  Cloth diapering absolutely saves money.  People claim that the increased cost of water negates any savings, but that's absolutely not true.  Our water bill went up *maybe* $10 a month when we started cloth diapering...but we were also washing three loads of spit up clothes a day.  So that extra cost is even less if you only count the diaper loads.  We wash our cloth diapers every other day, so it's not like I constantly have a huge load of diapers going.  We have spent less than $500 on all of our diapers (and we didn't do it as cheaply as we could have!), and we really won't need more diapers ever.  We will probably buy a few more when another baby comes along, but for the most part, we have enough diapers to last through all of our children.  According to my very scientific Google search, a parent can expect to spend $1500-$2000 on disposable diapers over the course of a child's diaper-wearing years.  That's for one child.  If I can spend $500 on diapers for all my children plus the minimal cost of water to wash them, I would say I'm saving money.  Boom.

Q:  Isn't touching the poop GROSS?  Blech!
A:  Um...I don't touch poop.  I don't know how these people think I'm changing diapers, but it's exactly like changing a disposable.  I wipe his butt, rinse the poop off (which absolutely does not require me to touch the poop), and throw it in a bag.  Yes, poop gets on my hand every once in awhile, but I also got poop on my hand when we used disposables for the first month of Gibson's life.  In my experience, there is no more poop exposure with cloth diapers than there is with disposables.  Unless you're a weirdo and you put your hand in the poop on purpose.

Q:  What kind of diapers do you use?
A:  We use mainly Flip diapers, Alva diapers, and bumGenius 4.0s.  I'll write a post about the different styles of cloth diapers, but basically, we use diapers that consist of a shell with an insert laid inside or a diaper with a pocket where you can stuff an insert.  I would like to try fitted diapers with wool covers sometime soon...like maybe these fitteds and these wool covers from Diaper Daisy?  Hint hint, Mom and husband!

Q:  How often do you change Gibson's diaper?  Don't disposables hold more pee?
A:  Well, yes.  Disposables absorb more than cloth diapers...but even when Gibson has been in disposables, I change him as soon as he pees.  First of all, I can't stand the smell of urine in a disposable diaper (something you don't get with cloth), and second of all, I don't like the idea of him sitting around in his own waste for any longer than necessary.  With cloth diapers, I change him every two hours or so, except at night.  He wears cloth for 11-12 hours overnight with no problem...I just have to make sure he's wearing a super absorbent diaper to hold it all in.  When he has been in disposables, I actually end up changing him more often (every hour or so) because of the nasty pee smell.

Q:  But cloth diapers are so bulky!
A:  That isn't a question.  But I'll address it anyway, I guess.  They're definitely bulky!  Sometimes it's hard to find pants that will fit over Gibson's large, large butt.  But that isn't really a bad thing, I don't think.  It's SO CUTE!

Q:  Where can I buy these amazing pee soakers, Erin?
A:  I generally buy my diapers online, but if you're the type who likes to feel something before you buy it, I would recommend going to a brick and mortar store.  Some stores give you the best of both worlds--a physical location and a website!  Diaper Daisy is a great place to buy cloth diapers for those of you who live in the Kansas City area (Mom!  Christmas is coming soon!), and they also have a rockin' website.  Bam.

Q:  What if, after reading all of your well-written, hilarious posts about cloth diapers, I decide that I still want to use disposables?
A:  Well, if that happens, we will no longer be friends.  Obviously.

Just kidding, of course!  I know that cloth diapering isn't for everyone...I just like getting the information out there!  I don't judge people who use disposables, don't worry.  I've been known to throw Gibson in a disposable on occasion when I don't do laundry in a timely fashion...and he has turned out fine so far.

Do you have questions about cloth diapering?  If you do, you should tell me and I'll try to address them!  I love talking about it, in case you couldn't tell.

And now for some fluffy butt pictures!


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  1. Great reasons to do it! :) I plan on doing it this winter when our little man makes his appearance. One of my main reasons is that my county burns all the trash (they turn it into energy). I don't feel comfortable with diapers being burned or sitting in landfills. There will be times that we will have to use disposables but I hope to keep it to a minimum. :)

    I'm looking forward to more information! :)

  2. DiaperDaisey.com is close to where my husband and I live and we just randomly walked in the store one day. We saw the cloth diapers on the wall and started asking tons of questions to the guy working in there. I assumed the guy was the owner and had a whole slew of his own kiddos, but nope, he was a just-out-of-college grad, but he was SOOOO knowledable. We don't have any kids right now, but when/if we do, we are probably going to use cloth diapers, and that is in large part to the knowledge this dude had. He said a conservative number that it saves families per kid is like 800 bucks! Hello college fund!

  3. We didn't really know much about cloth diapers with my son but we did realize we were spending sooo much money on diapers. When I became pregnant with my daughter I did research and started buying disposable diapers online and at the store and that's all my daughter has known and we loved it! That being said, I wanted her out of "diapers" all together, so I did tons of online searching for hot to potty train a girl and finally came across simplypottytrain.com that gave us access to a system that literally had my daughter potty trained starting on a Friday morning and fully potty trained by Sunday afternoon. Having your child potty trained at an earlier age will eliminate any/all costs associated with "diapers". So, I highly recommend checking that site out. I will be using my cloth diapers for my next pregnancy (hopefully soon) but also plan to potty train them early as well. Thanks and good luck to everyone!!


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