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Monday, October 21, 2013

Indentation nation

I put Gibson down for a nap a bit ago, and I was sitting on the couch eating Smarties a healthy snack.  And while I was enjoying my Halloween candy vegetables, I heard a very suspicious noise coming from Gibson's room.

It sounded like he was rearranging furniture.  And hitting the wall with a hammer...maybe he's doing renovations?  I was curious about what he was doing, but going in there would mean getting him up and he really needs to sleep.

It's such a moral dilemma.

And then he started screeching, so I went in.  And he looked like this:


Gibson does this at least once a day.  He scoots himself so his head is pressed up against the corner or side of his crib and then screams a lot.  And now he has a big dent in his head...but at least he's happy!  Because I gave him a package of wipes.

My poor dented baby.  I'm going to start sewing velcro on his pajamas and crib sheets so he can't scoot around when he's trying to avoid sleep.

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  1. This is a great post! LOL I can so relate...my kid does the same.


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