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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Here are some randoms, courtesy of my headachey brain.

I'm very, very excited about getting a quarter of beef from a local farm!  Grass-fed, hormone-free beef for less than $2.50 a pound?  Yes please!

Gibson was a pill today.  His upper gums are looking pretty swollen, so I hope it's because he has little rabbit teeth coming in.  Because seriously.  He.  Was.  A.  Pill.

My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow!  Hooray!  My big plan for the weekend: shower while someone else watches Gibson.  Can't wait!

I forgot to say on Gibson's love list yesterday that he LOVES "walking."  He's getting the hang of moving his feet to go forward instead of letting me drag him by the arms while he giggles.  It's super cute the way he stomps his tiny feet!

...now that I'm thinking about how cute Gibson is, let's just discuss it.  He's SO CUTE.  He started this weird chomping thing recently where he chomps his little gums together when nothing is in his mouth.  And smiles at me really big.  *heart melting*  Would it be bad if I woke him up just so I can look at him?

Clint says yes.  So I guess I won't wake him up.  Darn.

Sometimes when Gibson is being awful I look at pictures of him to remind myself that he's not always like that.  Luckily he's photogenic.

Gibson and I danced to Christmas music today.  It's totally not too early.

Gibson didn't like dancing to Christmas music.  He may not be my son after all.

...although, like we discussed yesterday, his biological parents are screech owls.  So there's that.

This must be where he got his cuteness.

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