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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Seven months!

Happy seven month birthday to my little guy!  I don't have stats on weight and height at the moment...I'll have to get those when Danny comes home from work tonight!  He doesn't seem to have grown much since last month, though.  Maybe he'll stay this size forever!  ...I can wish, right?

I'm wishiiiiiing that my baby boooooy would stop growiiiiiing so faaaaast.  Tra la la.

Gibson still has two teeth, and still can't crawl!  He wants to...he just can't get his big ole belly off the ground.  Silly kid.  He is loving doing Baby-Led Weaning (post on that later!) and is so much fun!  I also think that he might be part screech owl, because that's what he sounds like most of the time.

Gibson's real family.

Here's my traditional loves and hates list!

Gibson loves:
-Ellie.  Still.  Grabbing her ears is his favorite thing ever.
-Bubble Guppies.  I'm getting pretty tired of it, though.
-Screeching loudly
-Babbling ... mostly when he's angry.  He'll be screaming and then go "MAMAMAAAAA!"  He's yelling for me, right?  Riiiight.
-Snuggling.  This is new, and I LOVE it.  When he's sad he just wants to slump on me.

-Playing with toys.  And whacking them with things.
-Whacking me with drumsticks.
-Eating!  His favorites are cheese, green peppers, mashed potatoes, and steak.  Watching him chew is the cutest thing EVER.
-Whacking me in the face with my glasses after he pulls them off.  He thinks it's SUPER funny.
-Being outside.
-When daddy comes home from work.

Gibson hates:
-Falling down from sitting.
-When his daddy leaves for work.
-When I leave the room (unless Bubble Guppies is on, of course!)
-Going down for a nap.

For the most part, Gibson has become a pretty happy baby!  He still spits up, but now it's only at the most inopportune moment he can find.  Like yesterday we were at a restaurant and he was being adorable, so a lady came over and asked how old he was, told us he was super cute.  And he chose that moment to let the spit up flow all over the table and Danny's arm.  He pretty much just spits up when other people are watching.

So there you go!  He's cute, he's happy, he's sleeping...what more could I ask for in a baby?

And here is photographic evidence of his sweetness!

Pooping.  What else would he do during a photo shoot?

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