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Friday, November 15, 2013

Domestic goddess.

So, you know how I'm a domestic goddess?  
...oh, you didn't know that about me?  Well, I'm a domestic goddess.  It's true.

Anyway.  Recently I've been a SUPER domestic goddess, at least when it comes to cooking.  Who cares about having a clean house if you have delicious things to eat?  NOT ME.  I also don't care about having a clean house when I have nasty McDonalds to eat, so there you go.

But my house is clean right now because we have friends coming over this weekend!  Hooray!

Anyway.  I really love to bake and cook.  The problem is, my squishy belly does not like it when I bake.  And I can't always be relied on to thaw meat in time to make it for dinner.  BUT RECENTLY.  I've been good at it.  So here are three recipes that I've made recently in case you want to try out being a domestic goddess, too!

We had a church carry-in two weeks ago, and I made a snickerdoodle cake with brown sugar cinnamon buttercream frosting.  THERE WERE 4.5 STICKS OF BUTTER IN THE FROSTING.  This cake was no joke.  You can find the recipe >here<.  I couldn't find superfine sugar at Walmart, so I got the superugly granulated kind.  And I'm never patient enough to soften my butter all the way.  It was kind of dry, but SUPER delicious.  Here's a picture of it all the way finished, and a picture of it almost all the way gone!

I mentioned that we have friends coming into town this weekend.  And I was telling the truth!  We really do!  And so I had to make special things, of course...so last night I put together a pasta casserole for tonight and some COOKIES.  

I made the Two Timin' Pasta that you can find >here<, and tweaked the recipe just a little.  I added a pound of ground turkey and about a cup of cottage cheese.  I'm going to bake it tonight, but I've made it before...so good.  SO GOOD.  And it's super easy!

And now for the cookies.  These are literally the best cookies of my life.  I found the recipe on allrecipes.com (you can find it >here<), and I've made it more times than I can count.  I generally double the recipe, because who doesn't want literally a million amazing cookies?  The key to getting these cookies super perfect is to take them out when the bottom is *barely* brown and the tops are super gooey and look like they aren't done at all.  That takes between 6-7 minutes, in my experience.  I let it sit on the cookie sheet for another 5 minutes or so, and then transfer them (carefully!) to a cooling rack.  And they. are. the. best.  Super chewy, and SO yummy.

And I ate some for lunch.  Because Gibson is having an awful day with lots of screaming, and sometimes mommy needs cookies, ALRIGHT?

Now you should all go cook the food and eat it and then bow down to Erin the domestic goddess!  

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