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Friday, November 8, 2013

Gibson has aged another month!

Can you even believe that my big boy is eight months old?  It's crazy!  Gibson weighs 21.5 pounds and is 28.5" long...he finally had a growth spurt!

This month has been so much fun.  Gibson has so many new skills and quirks, and I love it!  He now has three teeth (almost four), and still cannot crawl.  He seriously wants to, and he's making headway, but I have a feeling it'll be awhile before he actually gets his Buddha belly off the ground.

Right now he is licking the carpet.  So smart.

While it's been a fun month, Gibson also had an awful sleep regression/growth spurt/teething/something that made us all very very miserable.  So that wasn't super fun.  And it's probably not over, which is also not super fun.

My favorite of Gibson's new things is the constant babbling!  He used to mostly just babble a little when he was angry, but now it's constant.  He says "Lalalalalala" and "Wawawawa" and my favorite: "Mama."  Ohhhh it's so wonderful.  We've gotten a couple of "Dada"s, but nothing super consistent.  Haha Danny!  He loves me best!

Although he can't crawl, Gibson is way more mobile than he used to be.  He can roll all the way across a room really quickly, and he can inch forward on his face when he needs to reach something.  It's really very strange.

He looks for Ellie if you ask him where she is...adorable.  And he has been waving recently, but only when he wants to.  He waved at me when I went and got him out of his crib yesterday morning...love love love.

And now he's chewing on a dog toy.

...now he's chewing on a plastic coffee mug.  This whole mobile (ish) child thing isn't a whole lot of fun sometimes.  Mommy just needs to write a blog post, child!  Calm down!

Per usual, here is Gibson's list:

Gibson loves:
-Dancing and singing to music.  He rocks back and forth and yells loudly when music is playing.  My favorite time he does this is at church during worship...seriously cute.
-Rolling over.  He likes to roll onto his belly when he's eating a bottle, and then gets confused as to why nothing is getting into his mouth.  And then he screams.
-Ellie.  No surprise there, right?
-Ellie's toys
-His daddy
-Silverware.  This is pretty troublesome at restaurants.

Now he's chewing on a mixing bowl.  I'm not making this up.  He really is.  And now his head is inside of it.  Crazy kid.

Gibson hates:
-Teething.  Mommy and daddy hate it, too.  SO MUCH.
-When things are in his way when he's rolling.
-Having his nose wiped.  Which sucks, because he has a cold and there's SO MUCH SNOT in there.

Ta da!  Such a good list.

*Sidenote: the reason there are so many things on the floor for Gibson to chew on is because his mommy has a fever and feels like poops and doesn't feel like cleaning right now.  And his daddy was busy taking care of him and his mommy all day and also didn't get any cleaning done.  Ohhh well.

*Sidesidenote: Seeing as I have a fever and crazy headache, no 8-month photos have been taken yet.  I'm hoping this awful fever doesn't come back so I can feel up to it tomorrow.


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