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Monday, November 18, 2013

I like big butts: Whatcha gonna do with all that fluff?

So you've decided to try cloth diapers!  I knew you would!  I'm obviously so persuasive.

Now that you have some brand new diapers, what do you do with them?  Let's talk about prepping and storing your cloth diapers!  Yay!

When you receive your super adorable diapers, you can't just put them on your baby...they need to be prepped first, which is very unfortunate if you're like me and DON'T WANT TO WAIT.  But you must.

Diaper covers, pocket diapers, synthetic AIO diapers, and microfiber inserts need to be washed with detergent and dried once before they can be used.  This basically gets all of the manufacturing chemicals off the diapers.

Natural fibers are a bit harder.  They naturally have oils in them that need to be removed before they reach their full absorbency, which kind of sucks.  Because you have to wash and dry them SO MANY TIMES before they can be used.  Boooo.  But they absorb more than microfiber, so there you go.  I usually try to wash my natural fibers at least three times before I use them, but some people recommend that you wash them five or more times.

Seriously.  Three times is enough for me.

Now that your diapers are prepped, you need to figure out the best storage system for your family.  I'll show you what we do, but it may not work for you!  It takes some trial and error, but once you find a good flow you'll know it!  Here's what our diaper storage looks like:

Super fancy, right?  The dresser is full of clothes, but the cubbies to the right have diapers.  In each cube is:

Top left: Flip Stay-dry inserts
Top right: Flip covers
Middle left: Microfiber and bamboo/microfiber pocket inserts
Middle right: Pocket diapers
Bottom left: Natural fiber inserts (flour sack towels, fitted diapers, overnight prefolds)
Bottom right: Wet bags, pail liners

Some people stuff their pocket diapers after washing so they're ready to go, but we stuff the diapers as we need them.  I find that I put different amounts of absorbency in Gibson's diapers depending on whether we'll be leaving the house or staying home, so I prefer to stuff as I go.

The tiny trashcan on top of the cubbies is for wipes, since we use disposable wipes.  We also keep the coconut oil and wipes there.

I'm part of a couple cloth diapering groups on Facebook (NERD ALERT), and there are some people with GORGEOUS diaper storage.  I mean, it's a thing of beauty.  If you image search "cloth diaper organization," you'll come across beautiful open shelves of perfectly folded diapers.  I imagine that those diapers only look so beautiful when someone is taking photos of them; I don't have time to fold each diaper and put them in color order on a shelf!  That's why my diapers are shut away; they look beautiful on Gibson's butt, but I don't feel like making them beautiful all the time!

Those of you who cloth diaper, what is your storage system like?  Do you keep your diapers folded meticulously like a crazy person, or are your diapers crumpled in a laundry basket like a normal one?

...not that you're crazy if your diaper storage looks beautiful all the time.  But you might be, I'm just saying.

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  1. I guess I'm a crazy person! haha! No really, I pre-stuff then I have a wicker basket in my change table cubby hole that holes all of my daytime diapers. I don't fold them, I just leave them flat open so I just grab and tuck :)

  2. Hey Erin! I love your system. My bathroom is tiny, tiny and I don't have a nursery. So my diaper store takes place in our linen closet in the bathroom. I pre-stuff my pockets and stack the normal ones on one pile, and the Kawaii big honking ones for night-time on another pile. Then the Flips and inserts get stuffed on top of that. I wish I had more room! But this works for me, as at any time I have around a third of my stash either in the washer, on the line or both!


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