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Friday, November 1, 2013

Pass the caffeine

Remember in this post where I said we were in teething hell?


That is exactly what Danny and I looked like all night last night.  Crying hysterically.  Because the tiniest human in our house Would. Not. Sleep.

He went down at 7:00, and was awake at 9:15, 1:30, 3:00, 4:15, and 6:00.  And he wasn't just awake...he was screaming.  And wouldn't stop screaming no matter what we tried...so we ended up feeding him most of those times, which was the only thing on this planet that would put him back to sleep.

So I'm pretty sure we're looking at a teething/growth spurt combo here, which, if it were food, would be the worst combo at the grossest fast food restaurant in the world.  It's AWFUL.  He's grown an inch in the last two or three weeks, and I'm sure he's beefed up...I mean, he's eating all night and all day.

One of his upper central incisors is literally peeking at me from behind the thinnest stretch of gums you can imagine; if it hasn't cut through by the time Gibson wakes up for the day I will CRY.  I probably actually will.

Also, we tried bringing him to our bed to sleep, but our kid refuses to sleep if he's in our bed.  Our bed means either play time or scream time.  Last night was a combination...first he was happy as a clam and wanted to play with my hair (ouch), and then he wanted to look at the pretty flowers on the wall, and then he wanted to honk Danny's nose.  And then he wanted to scream bloody murder.  What happened to the sweet tiny newborn who would sleep next to me when he was sad?

And now my teething tyrant is awake.

Can someone pass the caffeine?

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