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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rabbit hunting

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Before I had Gibson, there were a lot of things that I assumed I would never do.  Like, I would never let him watch television.  And I would never feed him formula.  But then one day I realized that "Bubble Guppies" makes him stop screaming when nothing else will.  And he was starving, so formula it was!  The Justin Bieber song is right.  Never say never.  You're so wise, J Biebz.

One thing that I wasn't going to do as a parent was to tiptoe around while the baby was sleeping.  "My baby will learn to sleep through vacuuming, dogs barking, and loud music!" I thought to myself as I counted my enormous stacks of money and put on clothes that fit me perfectly.

Haaaaahahaha.  Ha.  Ha.

Sleep is SACRED in the Spit Up house.  No, we don't necessarily tiptoe around the house and speak in whispers while Gibson is asleep, but there's no way on earth I'm going to waltz into his room (or even down the hallway past his room) with a vacuum during nap time.  That would be STUPID, pre-baby Erin!

Gibson is really a pretty great sleeper, all things considered.  Before this horrific sleep regression we were getting 12 uninterrupted hours of sleep every night, and it was amazing.  Even during this regression, we get more sleep than a lot of people do.  We're lucky.  But I'm not about to start testing my luck!  If he goes down for a nap easily, I'll do anything to keep him asleep.

...except medicate him.  That would be wrong, of course.

So there you go.  I stay as quiet as possible during naps, even though I told myself I would live like normal while Gibson was sleeping.  I value his nap times...that's when I eat.  And do the dishes.  And blog, usually.  Except I'm blogging right now and there's a chunky baby with a big yellow diaper rolling around on the floor trying to unplug the computer and chewing on his daddy's shoes.  I'm not predictable!  I like to mix things up sometimes!

And now that I've done my blogging, I can do something super fun during Gibson's next nap!  Something very, very quiet.  Like rabbit hunting.


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