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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday randoms

We still have no teeth.  We have a hole where a tooth will appear, but we have no teeth.


Not only do we not have any teeth, we do have an uncontrollably grumpy baby.


BUT.  He's so ridiculously cute.  And he's been crying with his mouth closed because his gums hurt, which is super pathetic and also really cute.  And he said "mama" when I was coming toward him to pick him up...even if that was a coincidence, I LOVE IT.

And we took pictures last night (of course), and I LOVE FALL.  Seriously, it's the most beautiful season in the world.



And we have a carry-in at church tomorrow, so I'm going to make a cake!  This cake, to be exact.  I may drool all over it, and then I get to eat all of it, right?  NOM NOM CAKE.

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