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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sitting on babies

I never thought I'd be one of "those" moms, but I totally am.  If I never had to leave Gibson, I would be completely happy about it.  Before I had him, I definitely thought that we would just hire babysitters all the time and go gallivanting around town doing all sorts of fun things.  Ehhhh...not so much.

Confession: we haven't been on a date since Gibson was born.

I KNOW.  We get plenty of time together in the evenings since Gibson goes to bed early, but since we just moved and didn't know anyone around here, it was really hard to find someone to babysit.  Stop judging.

But this weekend we went out of town without Gibson!  I was pretty proud of myself.  And I only Facetimed him four times, I think...and that was exercising restraint!  I also watched the videos my parents sent me many, many times.  Like 30 times.

In case you were wondering, we went to a John Mayer concert and it was SO good.  Also, all the drunk girls REALLY love John Mayer.  Because he wrote every song about them.  And he's in love with them, DUH!

It was a super fun weekend, but I was SO happy to see my baby at the end of it.  Except Gibson was only happy to see his daddy, because he loves him best.  Sad face.  And then he was happy to see the fire in the fireplace at McDonald's and didn't care about his parents in the least.  Mean kid.

And then last night he had more babysitters!  But not for a date night, unfortunately.  I had a choir rehearsal and Danny had a pep band thing, so a couple from our church came over to sit on Gibson.  They watched Bubble Guppies and drummed and put him to bed...Gibson's perfect night!  Except for the bed part.  Sleep is not his favorite thing anymore.

So anyway, this post has no meaning except to say that Gibson has had some babysitters recently.  Ta daaaaaa!

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