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Monday, November 11, 2013


Gibson has started a fun new thing where he throws a tantrum every time he doesn't get what he wants.  Which is most of the time, because what he wants is usually dangerous, like the laptop cord.  Or the extensive crossbow collection I keep next to his toy basket.

Sometimes his attention can be diverted to something else, but most of the time Gibson is single-minded about getting the thing that he shouldn't have.  Let's look at some recent examples:

Gibson is laying on the floor and mom is trying to change his diaper.  He discovers that he can reach the dirty diaper if he rolls over.  Mom asks him to lay on his back and stop touching the dirty diaper.  TANTRUM.

Mom is holding her pretty phone.  Gibson tries to eat it, and mom says no.  She gives him a toy instead.  TANTRUM.

Gibson notices that the laptop cord looks very enticing today.  He rolls over to it and tries to grab it.  Dad picks Gibson up and puts him by the toy basket so he can play with appropriate toys.  TANTRUM.

Ellie moves her tail so that Gibson can no longer pull it.  TANTRUM.

Mom doesn't allow Gibson to chew on the poopy wipe that was taken out of the trash can by the smelly dog.  TANTRUM.

...do you see a pattern?  Mom/dad/Ellie are MEAN, and Gibson has a TANTRUM.  His life is awful, basically, and he never gets to do what he wants to do.  Like eat poopy wipes.

Babies are gross sometimes.

Would you like to see some photos of tantrums in action?  Because our eight month photo shoot was basically one big tantrum.

But he's so cute when he's throwing a tantrum, right?  And at least they don't last very long.  And just so you know that he's capable of not crying, here's a photo from the two minutes he wasn't throwing a fit:

So precious.  I love him.  Even when he's throwing a fit about not getting what he wants...I'm sure there's much more of that to come in the years ahead!

Also, if you're a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you probably remember the episode where Ted and Marshall drive to Chicago to eat at the gross pizza place and they drink a super-caffeinated drink called "Tantrum."  Because it's a good episode.

Tantrum gives Marshall super strength, so he can rip a phone book in half.  And it made Ted colorblind.  TANTRUM!

So anyway, that has nothing to do with this post.  But I kept yelling, "TANTRUM!" while I wrote it and I thought it was super funny.  The end.

P.S.  I typed it too many times, and now the word "tantrum" has lost all meaning for me.  Seriously.  What does it even mean?  Is that even how it's spelled?  I'm losing my mind!

P.P.S.  This reminds me of the Dr. Seuss book "Great Day for Up."  By the end of that book the word "up" looks SO WEIRD to me.  In case you wondered.


  1. Unfortunately I know exactly what you mean. I have also been witness to the "throw myself back because, while I asked to be changed I don't ACTUALLY want you to put me down" one too many times. It is now meaningless.

    1. I'm glad Gibson isn't the only one! :P I figured the tantrums wouldn't start until he was older...was I ever wrong! Gah.

  2. Hear ya! I have witnessed my otherwise happy and beautiful baby *literally* physically push tears out of her eyes when she didn't get what she wanted. TANTRUM!


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