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Monday, December 9, 2013

9 months on the outside

Well, it's official.

Gibson has spent as much time outside my uterus as he did inside.

I KNOW.  I can't believe it, either.  Wasn't he just born yesterday?  I'm pretty sure he was.

9 months ago.  So wrinkly and sad.

This month is bittersweet for me...I love, love, LOVE this age.  Gibson is ridiculously cute and fun!  But at the same time, I'm sad because in three months he'll be a year old.  ONE YEAR.  That's so old.  He'll probably be graduated from high school by then.  I mean, seriously.

Gibson's 9 month well baby is on Thursday, so I'll have updated height and weight stats for you then.  What I can tell you is that this kid has chunked up.  He has a sweet little big buddha belly, and his arms are all fat and cute and his thighs are just monstrous.  I love it!  He's wearing mostly 12 month onesies and 18 month pants.  Without the cloth diapers he can fit pretty easily in 9 month pants, though.  His butt is quite large.

The sleep regression is still going strong...*insert crying here*.  There were two nights recently when Gibson didn't wake up until 5:30 ish, and those were the best nights of our lives.  Seriously.  But then last night he woke up three times, so I figure the good sleeping was just a fluke.  Sad, sad days.

He has a new bottom tooth coming in, and I'm sure there are more to follow soon, so that isn't helping with Gibson's sleep.  GO AWAY, TEETH!  WE  DON'T EVEN WANT YOU!

Gibson has started doing all sorts of new things, so here's a list of his new skills!

Gibson's new skills!
-Clapping.  So stinking cute.
-Army crawling.  Finally!  And he's working his way up to real crawling.
-Drinking from a straw.
-Walking with help.  He's getting really good at it!
-Cruising on the couch, but only a little bit.  Still, it's a new skill!
-Making omelettes.

And now for our loves and hates lists!

Gibson loves:
-Clapping ALL THE TIME.
-Saying "mama" VERY loudly.
-Sucking his thumb (as of yesterday).
-Walking.  He laughs hysterically the entire time he's walking to something.
-Bacon.  He loves bacon more than anything.
-Finding power cords to chew on.  And grinning at me when I ask him not to.
-Yelling responses at Bubble Guppies when they ask the viewer to answer questions.  It's hilarious.
-Roaring at mommy and daddy.
-Trying to scare mommy by growling in her face.
-Ellie, of course.  And he has been particularly fascinated by her feet recently.
-Drinking water from his straw cup.  I have to seriously monitor him, because he would drink a full cup in one sitting if I let him.  And then he would vomit.  I know this from experience, unfortunately.
-Ellie's bed.  He likes to pull it on top of himself and chew on it.
-Tags on stuffed animals and clothes.
-Scratching the fabric on the couch and chairs in the living room.
-Singing when he hears music.

**I just went to get Gibson out of his crib because he finally woke up, and he started clapping when I walked him his room.  Such a confidence booster!

Gibson hates:
-Not getting a bottle RIGHT AWAY when he's hungry.
-Wearing hats or hoods even though it's really freaking cold here.
-When I take away his precious straw cup because he's drinking too much.
-When I take away the battery/power cord/shoe/pencil/whatever else he has found to chew on that he shouldn't.

Really, Gibson is a pretty happy kid these days!  Teething makes him sad, of course, but other than that he's only sad every once in awhile!

Now you know all about my big 9 month old sweetheart!  He's super fun, and learning so much!  And really cute, which helps when he's screaming, of course.

At this exact moment he's crawling toward a dirty diaper...hooray!  And now he's squeezing it over and over, so I should probably go get it, right?

Ok, I did.  He was sad about it for a minute.  

And now here are some pictures of my sweet boy!

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