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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Banana poop

Warning: this post contains the word "poop."  And also talks about poop.

...not that I've warned you about poop in any previous posts about poop, but better late than never, right?

I mentioned in some other post one time that we do baby-led weaning as a way to introduce Gibson to solid food.  A really short explanation of baby-led weaning:

Instead of spoon feeding a baby purees, you give them chunks of food that they can put in their own mouth.  Before the pincer grasp is developed, it's best to give them pieces of food that are french fry-shaped so they can grab it in their fist and also have some to put in their mouth.  You don't start until 6 months, and you do not put anything in baby's mouth.  The idea is that they have control over what they eat, how much goes in their mouth, how far back in their mouth it goes, etc.  This creates less picky eaters in the future.  And it's also easier for mom and dad because no one has to get splattered with purees at every meal.

Seriously, that was a VERY SHORT explanation.  I read an entire book on it before we started that had WAY MORE information than what I just gave you.  So if you're thinking about doing BLW, don't just go off of what I said.  >Here< is a link to the book I read.  And if you think books are for losers, at least google it.

So anyway.  Since Gibson turned 6 months old, we've been trying to get him interested in eating food.  And the thing is, he's VERY interested...but he has issues with self control, and likes to shove more food in his mouth than should go in there.  And then he gags and throws up.  It's wondrous, let me tell you.  I've tried giving him smaller pieces so he wouldn't shove so much in his mouth, but then he couldn't pick the food up and screamed a lot.  *sigh*

Recently we've really been encouraging him to eat solids since he's getting older, and he's getting it!  Kind of.  There's still some gagging, but there has also been swallowing!  YAY!  My big boy is ingesting solid food, finally!

And how do I know that he's ingesting it?  His poops.  This morning there were lots of banana strings in his poop!  TA DA!

I never thought I would be so excited to see something in my son's poop.  But really, I was SO EXCITED.  I hope this leads to more eating and less gagging.  Because our dinner guests get really grossed out when my child vomits all over his high chair tray in the middle of a meal.

Sorry, friends.  I hope you still want to eat with us.

Also, I apologize for not putting a vomit warning at the beginning of this post.  Maybe next time!
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