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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Following the leader

Gibson has been getting more mobile every day...it's ridiculous.  He can army crawl pretty quickly now, and is really enjoying it.  We'll be playing in the living room and he'll just randomly scoot away into the dining room...it's strange, because he's always been so content to hang out like a lump in one place!

So I decided to let Gibson lead me around the house to see where he might want to go.  And along the way I learned a few things about him and our house!

Our first trip took us through the entry and down the hall, where we stopped in the doorway to the master bedroom.  I couldn't figure out why Gibson wanted to stop there until I noticed that he was trying to reach the hinge on the door.

Our second trip took us a few feet back down the hallway, where Gibson stopped by his dirty diaper pail.

The third stop was the place where the tile meets the carpet between the dining room and entryway to the house.

The fourth stop was where the tile meets the carpet between the dining room and kitchen.

The fifth trip took us into the kitchen, where Gibson sat and stared at a bag of onions for a minute or two.

The sixth trip took us back down the hallway, where we stopped between the dirty diapers and a closet door which, of course, has hinges.

The seventh trip was crawled, not walked, and stopped right below the thermostat.  And then Gibson got sad because he couldn't reach the thermostat, no matter how hard he tried.

The eighth stop was at the carbon monoxide detector just around the corner from the thermostat.  He inspected (tried to unplug) it for awhile.

The ninth trip took us into the living room, where Gibson stopped at a dog toy and chewed on it.

And now my back hurts from hunching over so Gibson could hold my fingers while he walked.  And Gibson is contentedly chewing on his feet.

Here is what I learned about our house from this adventure:
1) There is a lot of dog hair hanging out where the tile meets the carpet.
2) The thermostat is up way too high on the wall, according to Gibson.
3) The carbon monoxide detector is too low on the wall, according to mom.
4) There are too many dog toys on the floor.
5) Our hinges are super cool.

And what I learned about Gibson:
1) He loves onions.
2) He doesn't like sitting on cold tile when he's not wearing pants.

...then again, who does?

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