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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My little weirdo

Once upon a time, I wrote a post about Gibson's strange quirks.  I re-read it yesterday, and realized that he has changed a lot in the past two months.  Like, a really lot.

So I figured that it's probably time for a new list of things my weird baby does!

Gibson loves touching things.  He does this weird petting thing where he scratches whatever he's touching over and over.  His favorite thing to touch is EVERYTHING.  At the moment he's touching a plate.  Earlier today he petted a chair for five minutes.

When Gibson is finished with a bottle or is just playing with food and not eating it, I do the sign for "all done" and ask him whether he's finished.  As soon as I sign it, he shoves whatever he's finished with back in his mouth so I can't take it.  If it's a bottle, he slams it into his mouth and grips it so hard I physically can't get it from it.  Food gets shoved all the way into his mouth, which usually leads to gagging.  Super fun.

Now that he has teeth, Gibson does really strange things with his mouth.  He likes to grind his four teeth together, which is a sound I can only compare to an eagle's talons scratching a mirror over and over.  It's awful.  He also clicks his tongue on his gums and makes little rabbit noises, especially when he's concentrating on walking or standing.

One of Gibson's favorite things to do is to walk while we hold his hands, and he's super great at it now!  Except he has decided that he needs to look at his feet while he walks, which means that he ends up falling onto his face more often than not.

Gibson's neck has become super ticklish recently, and he ducks his head when I tickle or blow raspberries on his neck.  One day, he put his head against my shoulder because I was tickling him, and then stayed there for a minute after I stopped.  All of the sudden, he lifted his head and growled at me with his teeth showing like he was trying to scare me.  And then laughed.  It was literally the best thing ever.

If you want to get Gibson's attention or make him laugh, all you need to do is show him a video of himself.  He thinks it's THE GREATEST to watch the videos I take of him on my phone.  And if he's playing with toys and hears me start a video of him, he laughs hysterically.

He's such a weirdo.  He obviously gets that from his daddy, because I'm as normal as they come.  Right?

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