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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Present problems

When I found out I was having a baby in March, I was so excited for Christmas...having a 9 month old at Christmas would be so fun!  Danny and I are both March babies, too, and our parents told us how fun we were at that age. 

I imagined lots of ripping presents open, smiles, laughter, and playing with new toys.

Gibson was pretty much only interested in eating wrapping paper.  And squeezing his presents.  And not opening them.

And then, on Christmas morning, he opened his first present mostly by himself!  He ripped all the paper off, took the book out, and started pointing at the pictures on the front. 

Aaaaand then he decided that he didn't need any more presents.  When we tried to take his book away and gave him another present to open, he screamed and threw the present aside until we gave his book back so he could point at the pictures.

It's probably for the best that Gibson wasn't super interested in opening presents, because that's not the reason we celebrate Christmas.  And the book he insisted on pointing at was about Jesus' birth; what could be better than that?

I'm sure Gibson will be more interested in presents next year, but I hope that he's also more interested in learning about Jesus...this year I tried to tell him about Jesus, but he was more interested in hitting me in the face than listening.  And he was way more interested in pointing at the donkeys in his book than hearing about baby Jesus.

Also, the toy that Gibson loves most so far this Christmas is a rattle that he's had since before he was born.  I put it in his stocking so that he might be more interested in seeing what was inside (a stuffed Bubble Puppy), but it turns out that he only wants to play with the rattle.  Silly kid.  Next year I'm just going to wrap old toys, remote controls, and cell phones for him to open.  I'm sure he would be just as happy!


  1. By next year he'll be singing Silent Night all by himself Erin!

    One year, my niece refused to open one of her gifts. Totally refused. It was in a bag. Turns out she only wanted to open wrapping paper, and wasn't interested in anything that was in a bag.


  2. Christmas baby, really cool for the oareu, not the kids


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