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Friday, December 13, 2013

Soft kitty, warm kitty

My children are basically cats. Let's discuss why.

*sidenote: I say "children" because Ellie feels left out when I don't include her. And she's very catlike.

Cats like to lay in sunbeams and sleep.
Ellie likes to spread out on the window seat and sleep. And also bark.

Cats are only happy when they feel like it.
Gibson decides his own attitude, thankyouverymuch.

Cats like to lay on the back of the couch.
Ellie is an idiot. And lays her 35 pound body on the back of my pretty couch. And licks my ears.

Cats like to play with yarn.
Gibson sits in my lap and plays with the drawstring on my yoga pants.
And also sits next to Danny and chews on his shoestrings.

Cats delicately eat mushy food out of a small crystal bowl.
Ellie inhales food out of a nasty plastic thing. Delicately. Ish.

Cats poop in a litter box that a human then cleans up.
Gibson poops in a diaper, which Ellie his mom cleans up.

Cats lick their paws to keep them clean.
Ellie licks Gibson's hands when there's food on them.

Cats like to bat at toys and play with things that dangle in front of them.
Gibson's favorite thing is when something dangles over his face and he can bat at it.

Cats like to scratch furniture.
Gibson loves scratching every piece of furniture he comes across. And also his mommy's face.

Cats hate snuggling.
Gibson would rather hit himself in the head with a flail than snuggle most of the time.

SEE?? They're pretty much cats. Maybe I'll try to litter train both of them...

I should mention that I know almost nothing about cats except for the stereotypes that are perpetuated by cat food commercials and television shows. And the movie Homeward Bound. So if your cat is loving and wonderful and poops in the toilet, just ignore me.
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