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Monday, December 2, 2013

Talks with babies, part 2

If you recall, I wrote a post one time about how I "talk" to Gibson during the day.  You can re-read it >here< if you want to be super cool.  So anyway, I still talk to Gibson.  BUT NOW HE TALKS BACK.  Kind of.  Here are some recent conversations we've had:

Mom: Hi Gibson!
Gibson: Ayyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!
M: What are you doing?
G: *growl* Hahahahaha!
M: I see!  You're so scary!
G: Mamamamamaamamamama!
M: Yes?
G: Hahahahaha!
G: *Dinosaur roar* MAMAMA!
M:  Oh yeah?  Tell me more!
G:  Mmmmmmmm.  ELLEH.
M:  Ellie?  Where is she?
G:  *looking for Ellie* Laaaaahlalalala.
M:  There she is!  Hi Ellie!
G:  ELLEH ELLEH ELLEH.  Hahahahaha!
M:  Yeah, there's Ellie!  Can you say "Dada?"
G:  *silence*
M:  Dada!
G:  Tuh.  Maaaaaaalala.
M:  You obviously love me more than Daddy, right?
G:  That is correct, mommy.
M:  HI GIBSON!  I love you!
G:  *silence*
M:  Do you love me?
G:  *silence*
M:  Can you give mommy a kiss?
G:  *pushes mommy's face away*
M:  *sobbing*
G:  Hahahahaahhaahaha!

He thinks being mean to me is SO funny...all I want is a nice kiss on the cheek!  And he won't give it to me!  Such an awful child.

But also hilarious and sweet, so that's good.  He is currently in Ellie's bed wrapped up in one of Danny's ties.  Whatever makes him happy, I guess!  I just wish giving his mommy kisses made him happy.

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