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Friday, January 31, 2014

Lately I have had the strangest feeling

...with no vivid reason here to fiiiiiind.

Thanks for the blog title, Stevie. You're the best.

So anyway.  Many things have been happening lately, so you get a random mix of fun facts again!  I'm good at random posts.

Gibson pretty much just crawls on his hands and knees now!  Even on tile!  Every once in awhile he drops to his belly because army crawling is still a little faster, though.

We've given Gibson some new foods and he loved them all!  They include beans (gross), mango (gross), broccoli (blech), salsa (yum), couscous (delish), and tomatoes (nasty).  Obviously he's less picky than I am.  Thank goodness.

I thought Gibson's ear infection was finally going away, but now he's tugging his ears again.  This is not ok with me.

Gibson is cutting yet another tooth.  *insert expletive here*  And it's a molar, of course.

Speaking of teeth, Gibson's teeth are CRAZY.  On the bottom he has the normal four teeth that he should have.  But on top he has his two central incisors, and then the other teeth are all on the left side.  He has the one tooth fused to his central left tooth, the canine next to that one, and the molar next to the canine is coming.  Why can't he be normal??  And also, why can't teeth be made of feathers and come in painlessly?  WHY?

...these are the questions I have regarding teething.

Sleep has been horrific lately, and we're all very sad about it.  But last night Gibson slept through the night!  He randomly does that, but I'm hoping this time it sticks forever.  Because we're all very, very exhausted.

In that vein, I have been subsisting on coffee for the past couple of weeks.

I love coffee.

Gibson has transitioned to taking two naps instead of three!  Hooray!  And each nap usually lasts almost two hours, which is literally the best.  Now if we could just get some sleep at night, he would be the perfect baby!

Just kidding, he's already perfect.

I bought a hoodie at Walmart for $7 and I love it.  It's very comfy.  And also Gibson loves the strings on the hood.

He's a hood rat!  Hahaha.  I'm tired.
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Monday, January 27, 2014

You googled what?!

I have a lot of fun perusing my blog stats every once in awhile.  It's cool to see where my readers are from and what kind of browser they use (Chrome, mostly.  In case you wondered).  But my favorite thing is seeing what people search for in search engines to find my blog.  Until recently, no one found me via Google, but suddenly lots of seven people have!  Hooray!

So here are my favorite things that have been Googled and led people here.

1.  "Rat tail hair"
I'm assuming >this post< is what Google came up with as a result for this search, but when I perused 40 or so pages of results I couldn't find it.  What I did find was that lots of people are way too interested in rat tails.  And also some photos of nasty rats...so I can't recommend that anyone search for "rat tail hair" to try and find my blog.  You'll just be scarred for life and have nightmares about rats forever.

2.  "does poo come out of flour sack towels"
First of all, I love that the word "poo" was used instead of poop.  It makes me giggle.  Second of all, when I googled this I actually did find my blog!  On the first page, even.  I hope I helped this person answer their question about poo.  Because that's my goal in life, you know.

3.  "art"
...do you know how many results come up when you google "art"?  It's a buttload.  How on earth did someone find my blog from searching "art"?  I don't even know, you guys.  And I'm too lazy to find out.

4.  "my baby spits up when in his jumper"
Girl, I feel your pain.

I probably could have blogged about something way more important today, like how Gibson ate salsa yesterday and his poo (giggle) looked weird this morning.  But probably no one wants to hear about that.

...but if you do want to hear about it, let me know and I'll tell you!  Because it was weeeeeird.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I like big butts: Special Victims Unit

If you do some research about cloth diapering, you'll read all about how you need special detergent (you don't!) and special diaper creams and magical unicorn saliva to rinse them.  And it can seem really overwhelming.  But don't worry, it's not!  Most of the time, cloth diapers are the best!  But honestly, in some situations disposables are easier for us.


Calm down.  Sometimes they're easier, alright?

So let's talk about what you need to do with cloth diapers in special situations!  Slash at night, because nighttime is special, too.

Also, my first choice for the title of this post was "I like big butts at night," but then I decided that since I'm not only addressing nighttime diapering, it wouldn't work.  But it still makes me giggle!

Anyway.  Let's discuss.

Diapering at night
Using cloth diapers at night has been one of the more difficult parts of using cloth for us.  Gibson is a super heavy wetter at night, and what we used when he was younger stopped working a few months ago.  He would wake up completely soaked, and it was really unfortunate.

There are lots of options for overnight diapers, but what works for us is a Green Mountain Diaper workhorse fitted diaper with a Thirsties hemp insert and a Flip cover.  It's HUGE.  Gibson looks crazy at night, but it works!  He rarely leaks any more, which means that I wash fewer crib sheets!  Yay!

It can take some trial and error to find what will work for your baby at night, but we've found that cloth diapers actually work better for us overnight than disposables.  When Gibson has been in disposables, we have to cover the disposable with a cloth diaper so he won't leak.  And then his butt looks SUPER huge.

Gibson hasn't really had diaper rash since we've been using cloth diapers, which is the best!  But sometimes he does get a little red, and we use coconut oil to combat that.  Coconut oil is cloth diaper safe, meaning that it won't build up on the diaper and cause absorption issues.  Also, the dog really likes it and tries to lick Gibson's butt if I don't get a diaper on it quickly enough!

...too much information?  Sorry.

At one point, Gibson had sores on his tush from being constipated, so we switched over to disposable diapers and used a combination of vaseline and a strong diaper cream to heal it.  If we had wanted to continue using cloth diapers, we would have needed to put a barrier between the creams and the diaper (like a fleece liner) or scrubbed the diapers with dish soap to keep the creams from building up.  And I don't know about you, but I don't have time to scrub all his diapers, so disposables it is!

As I've said recently, Gibson has had a tough time with the antibiotics for his ear infection.  In this instance, cloth diapers saved us from poop blowouts.  It's INSANE the amount of poop cloth diapers can hold in, even when it's...um...liquid.

Sorry to gross everyone out.

For us, disposable diapers don't hold poop in nearly as well, and we get blowouts.  But with the number of diaper changes we were doing while he was sick, disposables would have been really convenient.

We haven't dealt with yeast infections so far, but from what I've read, if your child has a yeast infection it's a good idea to switch over to disposable diapers until the infection has been gone for around two weeks.  After the infection is gone, you will need to do a bleach soak on your diapers to kill any yeast that may be hanging out on your diapers...you don't want the yeast to come back!

Some people find traveling with cloth diapers easy, and some don't.  For me, it depends on where we're going and how long we will be gone.  Cloth diapers are easier because they hold in poop and last overnight for us, but they also take up SO MUCH ROOM when we're packing.  And then I have to drag a huge bag of dirty diapers home and do laundry right when I get home.

So.  I tend to think that disposables are probably easier for travel.  But you can feel however you want about that!

Wearing clothes
Putting clothes on over cloth diapers can be a fairly special experience.  For Gibson, we have to go up at least one, if not two, sizes in pants because of the size of his butt.  We just cuff his pants since they're way too long and he looks a little bit crazy.  For onesies, we have to go up one size.

Girls are easy...just throw a dress on over that diaper!  Boom!  Easy.

...and this is why Gibson pretty much wears a shirt and diaper most of the time at home.  It's just easier.

I think that's all the special stuff I have to talk about!  Has anyone dealt with other special situations I may have missed?

Also, if you missed my previous posts about cloth diapering, check them out at the links below!

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And if you have questions, comment!  And if you don't have questions, comment!  And if you want to tell me that it's weird how much I talk about poop, GET OVER IT.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


We're still having an incredibly rough time with sleep.  And it's sad.

Last night Gibson woke up around 11:00 screaming, so I went to him and tried many, many things to help.  I rocked him, but that just made him scream.  I gave him a pacifier for the first time in six months (we're desperate!), but that REALLY made him scream.  So then I fed him, and when his formula was gone he screamed.  I changed his diaper, and that made him scream.

Do you want to know what made him stop screaming?

I sang to him.

I may be severely sleep deprived and wearing pajamas, but I'm the happiest mom ever today.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's all Greek to me!

So, Gibson is getting over this awful ear infection, and is on antibiotics for it.  And...antibiotics.  They do bad things to his poor body.

Poop-related things.  Do I need to go into more detail?  Because you don't even want to know, I promise.  Danny and I are scarred for life.

So anyway, in order to combat the bad poop-related things, we're giving Gibson a probiotic and feeding him as much yogurt as he'll eat.

And it turns out that he really really likes PLAIN Greek yogurt.

Plain.  Greek.  Yogurt.

Gross, right?  It tastes like sour cream!  Nasty.  But he looooooves it.  So, so much.  He's like a hungry little piranha when he sees the yogurt and spoon come out.

But the worst part about Greek yogurt isn't that it smells gross and tastes even grosser.  The worst part is that when it dries, it becomes an indelible chalk-like substance that CANNOT BE WASHED OFF EVER.

So Gibson is in a perpetual state of looking like he just ate a powdered donut, because he throws a huge tantrum when I try to scrub yogurt chalk off his face.

...powdered donuts are way more delicious than Greek yogurt.  In case you wondered what I thought.
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm so excited!

Does anyone else think of Jessie Spano doing drugs and going crazy on Saved by the Bell when they hear those words?  Or is it just me?

It might just be me.  And that's ok.

So anyway, I'm excited!  And you'll probably make fun of me when you hear why I'm excited.  Go ahead and make fun, y'all!

I ran out of this cleaner, and my new supply came today!!!!!

...pardon me while I deal with this kid who isn't as excited as I am about cleaning supplies.

Perfect.  I gave him a ball of yarn and now he's happy.  He's a cat.

So anyway.  This cleaner is my FAVE (favorite, for those of you less hip than I).  It smells like lemon skittles and it removes grease and grossness.  Which is why I love it.

Did you ever let your house get dirty and then get new cleaner and get excited to clean it?

I DID!  Right now, even.  With a sick baby and sick self, my house isn't very clean.  So now I get to clean it with a brand new bottle of lemon goodness!

So in case you wanted to buy some of this stuff, you can find it >here<.  And probably some other places, but I buy everything on Amazon!

Also, sorry I'm weird and get excited about cleaning supplies sometimes. 

And also I'm not being compensated in any way by J.R. Watkins, but maybe I should be!  So.  J.R. Watkins, if you're reading this, I would like to be compensated for telling all of my thousands tens of followers about your amazing stuff.

...we'll see how that turns out.  I bet they book me for a national commercial pretty soon, especially since I look so overwhelmingly beautiful in those photos with my no makeup and no glasses and hair wet in a ponytail!

Ok, I'm going to go clean something now!  TTYL!  

...that's talk to you later.  I'm just super hip, so I use acronyms.
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...that's kind of presumptuous, isn't it?  Oh well.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Would you like to know what I typed when I opened up this page to write a new blog post?

"Ahhhhhhhhh, silence."  I literally typed that.

And then Gibson started screaming again.  He's been fighting a nap for an hour.  Every time I get him out of bed to play for awhile he yawns and rubs his eyes and screams at me, and every time I put him back in his crib he screams and kicks the wall.  And then he gets quiet for a couple minutes just to trick me, and then he screams again.

I'm tired of this game, child!  Let's just sleep, ok?

...I honestly don't even remember what I was going to write about.  I'm too upset by the fact that my sleepy baby doesn't want to sleep.  And he doesn't want to do anything else, either.  Such a sad day.

So I'll share some photos I took!  These were taken right as Gibson was getting sick, so he didn't feel like cooperating...I'll do a real photo shoot sometime after he's done with this whole whiny ear infection baby thing.  Which will hopefully be soon...yesterday his mood was SO MUCH BETTER than it has been, but today it's SO MUCH WORSE than yesterday.  Oh well.

His hair was crazy when I took these photos.  I love it.

This face!  It cracks me up every time.

Ok, so let's just look at my cute baby and pretend like he's not fighting sleep right now!  Photos of Gibson are so much quieter than actual Gibson.  For real.

Also I'm sorry about the very whiny post.
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Monday, January 13, 2014


So.  Let's discuss something.

I'm tired.

I try not to talk about being tired very often...it probably stems from my pregnancy.  Whenever someone asked how I was feeling and I told them honestly that I was tired, they said, "Ohhhhh, just you wait until that baby is born!  You don't even KNOW what tired is yet!"

So at some point I just stopped telling people how I actually felt, because apparently I wasn't allowed to feel tired until Gibson was born.  When asked by most people how I felt, I was always "Good!" or "Fine!"  Never tired.

And now that he's here, I don't want to complain because he is such a huge blessing.  I don't want anyone to misconstrue my fatigue as a wish that I didn't have a baby.

That's probably irrational, but that's just how I am, alright?

Although no one has explicitly told me that I should never ever complain, I feel like a lot of pressure to be perfect as a mom.  A lot of blogs about parenthood tiptoe around the trials of having a child, and instead focus on macaroni art, homemade laundry detergent, and making restaurant-quality meals.  Pinterest certainly doesn't help...all it does is make me feel severely inadequate in nearly every aspect of my life.  Which is why I don't venture into that corner of the internet very often.

As it turns out, I'm far from perfect.  I don't have it all together.  Gibson rarely wears pants when we're at home.  I'm usually in my robe until his first nap.  I don't read to him as much as I would like.  And sometimes I'm just exhausted.

But you know what?  That's okay.  I decided.

So.  All you tired parents out there, let me hear you say "HEEEEEY!  HOOOOOO!"  Go ahead and be tired.  And feel free to tell me about it.

You can also feel free to tell me about times when your child woke up covered in vomit with a diaper full of poop in the middle of the night and proceeded to scream for two hours.  Because I understand that pain, too.  Unfortunately.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A day late, a dollar short

Gibson turned 10 months yesterday!

I'm late with this blog post.

I don't like being late.  But I have a good reason!  Remember, I've been sick!  And yesterday we found out that Gibson has his first ear infection.  It's been a fun time in our house recently, let me tell you.

But let's pretend like I'm not late, ok?  Let's just talk about my sweet 10-month-old!

Gibson is almost 30 inches long, and I'm not sure about his weight.  We'll just say that he's heavy.  Luckily he hasn't grown out of any clothes in the last month, although most 18 month onesies are now fitting along with his 12 month ones.  TOO BIG, people.  His sleep was getting better, but then he decided to cut an upper canine (does anyone else's baby get teeth out of order?) and get sick.  So now we're back to awful nights.  It's sad.

This month was another one full of new skills and excitement!  You know how I love lists...so here's a list of Gibson's new skills!

-Pointing.  This is fun!  He points at everything and it's SO CUTE.
-Getting on all fours and *kind of* crawling.  Very slowly.  HOORAY!
-Signing!  He signs "eat" and "all done" consistently, and has signed "more."
-Eating solid food!  Hooooooray.
-Walking with a walker toy.  Luckily he received a few of them for Christmas!
Hahaha.  He's so cute.

Now that we've made one list, let's just make a couple more!  I love lists.  Listy lists.

Gibson loves:
-Bubble Guppies and Super Why.  The only two things that make him happy when he's sick, as it turns out!
-Food.  All of it...especially grapes.  This kid could eat grapes all day long if we let him.
-My tape measure.  Weirdo.
-Pointing at things.  He really likes pointing at my mouth now instead of kissing me...I preferred kisses.
-Drawstrings.  He gets on all fours, starts to crawl, and is then distracted by his pants.  He puts his head on the ground and plays with the drawstring instead of crawling.  Silly baby..
-Standing up all the time.
-Sleeping on his belly with his butt in the air (ADORBZ).
-Ellie, of course.  He loooooooooves her.  And sometimes he grabs her neck skin and she doesn't even bite him!  Such a good doggie.
-His daddy.  When Danny leaves the room all hell breaks loose, even if I'm holding Gibson.  It makes me sad.

Gibson hates:
-Peas.  Who can blame him?  He ate them for awhile, but then realized that they're gross.
-When we wipe his nose.
-His mommy.

...just kidding.  I don't think he hates me.  He just prefers his daddy.

Before this ear infection, we had a really good month for the most part!  ...with the exception of his refusal to sleep when we were traveling for the holidays.  Gibson makes me laugh every day, and he's just such a sweet baby!  ...with the exception of all the times he smacks me in the face and tries to bite me.

I don't have photos yet, because we've all been sick.  I'M SORRY, OK?  Right now any photos I take would include lots of snot and red cheeks and screaming babies, and no one wants to see that.

...if you do want to see that, you're obviously a weirdo.
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...if voting actually does make him feel better, I'll bake everyone a pie.  Maybe.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not a post about vomit

I was going to write a post about how Gibson thinks it's hilarious when I throw up and laughs at me the entire time I'm vomiting, but then I decided that people might be grossed out.  So I won't be posting about that.

Also, because I feel like I'll get questions otherwise, no I'm not pregnant.  Just sick...but feeling a little better today, thanks for asking!

Instead of writing about vomit, I guess I'll find something else.  Even though I really love writing about vomit.

Danny had two weeks off of school for winter break!  We loved having him home...and luckily, his district cancelled school for the past two days because of the extremely awful, sub-zero temperatures.  So I got to have him home while I was sick!  Hooray!  I'm sure he's thrilled about it, too...taking care of a sick wife and teething baby.  What fun!

Speaking of teething babies, I'm pretty sure Gibson is already breaking one of his resolutions.  It would seem that we may have another tooth or two on the way, and Gibson's mood is really showing it.  His sleep is, too.  It's truly unfortunate.

Yesterday wasn't as bad as the weekend was, though!  Mostly because he discovered my measuring tape, which is apparently the greatest toy in the entire land.  He's a cat.

Speaking of cats, Ellie has been incredibly annoying lately.  But then she snuggles me at night, so I still love her.

...remember, Ron Swanson says that any dog under 50 pounds is a cat.  So Ellie is a cat.

Apparently my dehydrated brain can't think of anything to actually write about.  So I'll leave you now.  I hope everyone is warm and not throwing up!
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Saturday, January 4, 2014


I sewed some new pillows and curtains for the living room!  Photos coming someday.

Gibson has started kissing me even when I don't ask for a kiss.  Sweet boy.

We're re-watching Scrubs.  It's hilarious.

Gibson was awake for over an hour in the middle of the night last night saying "Mamamamamamaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"  It would have been sweet if it wasn't 3:00 in the morning.  Mamamama wanted to sleep.

We spent time with our best friends for New Year's and it was great!  Gibson loves their children, and so do I!

Ellie walked into the kitchen and made a noise that sounded like an adult man saying "Mom" today.  It completely freaked me out.

I took newborn photos for some friends of ours and it was the most fun ever.  And she was so sweet and tiny and snuggly...Gibson seemed like a monster after they left.

Gibson's bottom isn't doing so well after a bout of really sharp poops, so he's been in disposable diapers for a few days so we can use lots of goopy diaper cream.  He looks super skinny!  And also, I miss the cloth diapers.  They don't smell bad like disposables.

Aldi diapers are better than other disposable diapers we've tried, in case you wondered.

I got a hair cut on Thursday, and it was wondrous.  Amelia washed my hair three times and I almost fell asleep.  And my hair looks so much better!

Gibson signed "eat" today. 

Breakfast sandwiches are the best food in the world.

Ellie's feet smell super corn chippy these days.

The end.
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Banana Poop: The Sequel

Two weeks ago I wrote >this post< about Gibson starting to eat solid food without vomiting all over the place.  And it grossed everyone out and no one has invited us over for dinner since.

But I have an update on that situation!  And maybe it will encourage our friends to eat with us again!

Gibson no longer gags or vomits at all when he eats solid food.

For real.  My child shovels food down his throat like he's starving, and he doesn't even throw up!  It's amazing.

I attribute most of Gibson's eating success to the development of his pincer grasp.  Pretty much overnight, he was able to pick up the most minuscule particles of food and put them in his mouth.  And chew them.  And swallow.

Gibson's favorite things to eat are oatmeal, bananas, carrots, grapes, and meat.  And pretty much everything else we put on his high chair tray.  He also loves drinking water with his meals like a big boy.

A new development in mealtime as of the past couple of days are signs!  Gibson signs "all done" when he's finished, and this morning he signed "more" when he ran out of pancake!  I'm kind of ridiculously proud of him.

Also, it turns out that lots of solid food=lots of very solid poop.  Which hurts his bottom.  Sad face.  Luckily, it turns out that Gibson also loves prunes!  Daddy, however, does not love prune diapers.

And, in non-poop or food related news, Gibson was army crawling around today and sat up all by himself!  Unfortunately, Danny was playing a very addictive game (Dots) and I was in the bathroom (definitely not pooping, wink wink), so no one saw him do it.  But he did!  Unless Ellie suddenly became very dexterous and placed him in a sitting position.  And I wouldn't put it past her to do such a thing.  She's a genius.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gibson's New Years Resolutions

Gibson and I have been chatting a bit about making resolutions for 2014, and he wanted me to share his list with everyone!  Hopefully by making his resolutions public, he'll feel more accountable to keeping them.

1.  Learn to crawl on his knees [this one should be accomplished soon].
2.  Give mommy more kisses.
3.  Quit growing teeth.  It's just bad for everyone, really.
4.  Grow a sweet rattail [I veto this one.  He's well on his way to a rattail, and I'm cutting it].
If Gibson had his way, he would be sporting this hair at daddy's football games in the fall.

5.  Eat more bacon.
6.  Learn to nap at other peoples' houses.
7.  Start walking.  Or maybe not, because being carried everywhere is awesome.
8.  Successfully ride Ellie.
9.  Eat a battery.
10.  Scream through his birthday party.  After he eats his cake, of course.

So.  It's a weird list, but that's what Gibson wants to accomplish this year!  Who am I to judge?

What are your baby's resolutions this year?  Gibson wants to know!
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