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Friday, January 10, 2014

A day late, a dollar short

Gibson turned 10 months yesterday!

I'm late with this blog post.

I don't like being late.  But I have a good reason!  Remember, I've been sick!  And yesterday we found out that Gibson has his first ear infection.  It's been a fun time in our house recently, let me tell you.

But let's pretend like I'm not late, ok?  Let's just talk about my sweet 10-month-old!

Gibson is almost 30 inches long, and I'm not sure about his weight.  We'll just say that he's heavy.  Luckily he hasn't grown out of any clothes in the last month, although most 18 month onesies are now fitting along with his 12 month ones.  TOO BIG, people.  His sleep was getting better, but then he decided to cut an upper canine (does anyone else's baby get teeth out of order?) and get sick.  So now we're back to awful nights.  It's sad.

This month was another one full of new skills and excitement!  You know how I love lists...so here's a list of Gibson's new skills!

-Pointing.  This is fun!  He points at everything and it's SO CUTE.
-Getting on all fours and *kind of* crawling.  Very slowly.  HOORAY!
-Signing!  He signs "eat" and "all done" consistently, and has signed "more."
-Eating solid food!  Hooooooray.
-Walking with a walker toy.  Luckily he received a few of them for Christmas!
Hahaha.  He's so cute.

Now that we've made one list, let's just make a couple more!  I love lists.  Listy lists.

Gibson loves:
-Bubble Guppies and Super Why.  The only two things that make him happy when he's sick, as it turns out!
-Food.  All of it...especially grapes.  This kid could eat grapes all day long if we let him.
-My tape measure.  Weirdo.
-Pointing at things.  He really likes pointing at my mouth now instead of kissing me...I preferred kisses.
-Drawstrings.  He gets on all fours, starts to crawl, and is then distracted by his pants.  He puts his head on the ground and plays with the drawstring instead of crawling.  Silly baby..
-Standing up all the time.
-Sleeping on his belly with his butt in the air (ADORBZ).
-Ellie, of course.  He loooooooooves her.  And sometimes he grabs her neck skin and she doesn't even bite him!  Such a good doggie.
-His daddy.  When Danny leaves the room all hell breaks loose, even if I'm holding Gibson.  It makes me sad.

Gibson hates:
-Peas.  Who can blame him?  He ate them for awhile, but then realized that they're gross.
-When we wipe his nose.
-His mommy.

...just kidding.  I don't think he hates me.  He just prefers his daddy.

Before this ear infection, we had a really good month for the most part!  ...with the exception of his refusal to sleep when we were traveling for the holidays.  Gibson makes me laugh every day, and he's just such a sweet baby!  ...with the exception of all the times he smacks me in the face and tries to bite me.

I don't have photos yet, because we've all been sick.  I'M SORRY, OK?  Right now any photos I take would include lots of snot and red cheeks and screaming babies, and no one wants to see that.

...if you do want to see that, you're obviously a weirdo.
I bet it would make poor Gibson feel better if you voted for this blog about him!  Just click the lady in the top right of this page!  

...if voting actually does make him feel better, I'll bake everyone a pie.  Maybe.


  1. Lol. I think our boys have a lot in common. We hear a lot of "that" with a nice pointed finger. Oh and I approve of the Dean pic. Feel free to make a whole post using only Gibson and Dean pictures ;)

    1. I love the pointing! Today instead of telling me he wants more of something, he just points at it. I'll ask him to sign "more" and he just keeps pointing and looking at me like I'm stupid...the kid knows what he wants!


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