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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Banana Poop: The Sequel

Two weeks ago I wrote >this post< about Gibson starting to eat solid food without vomiting all over the place.  And it grossed everyone out and no one has invited us over for dinner since.

But I have an update on that situation!  And maybe it will encourage our friends to eat with us again!

Gibson no longer gags or vomits at all when he eats solid food.

For real.  My child shovels food down his throat like he's starving, and he doesn't even throw up!  It's amazing.

I attribute most of Gibson's eating success to the development of his pincer grasp.  Pretty much overnight, he was able to pick up the most minuscule particles of food and put them in his mouth.  And chew them.  And swallow.

Gibson's favorite things to eat are oatmeal, bananas, carrots, grapes, and meat.  And pretty much everything else we put on his high chair tray.  He also loves drinking water with his meals like a big boy.

A new development in mealtime as of the past couple of days are signs!  Gibson signs "all done" when he's finished, and this morning he signed "more" when he ran out of pancake!  I'm kind of ridiculously proud of him.

Also, it turns out that lots of solid food=lots of very solid poop.  Which hurts his bottom.  Sad face.  Luckily, it turns out that Gibson also loves prunes!  Daddy, however, does not love prune diapers.

And, in non-poop or food related news, Gibson was army crawling around today and sat up all by himself!  Unfortunately, Danny was playing a very addictive game (Dots) and I was in the bathroom (definitely not pooping, wink wink), so no one saw him do it.  But he did!  Unless Ellie suddenly became very dexterous and placed him in a sitting position.  And I wouldn't put it past her to do such a thing.  She's a genius.

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