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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gibson's New Years Resolutions

Gibson and I have been chatting a bit about making resolutions for 2014, and he wanted me to share his list with everyone!  Hopefully by making his resolutions public, he'll feel more accountable to keeping them.

1.  Learn to crawl on his knees [this one should be accomplished soon].
2.  Give mommy more kisses.
3.  Quit growing teeth.  It's just bad for everyone, really.
4.  Grow a sweet rattail [I veto this one.  He's well on his way to a rattail, and I'm cutting it].
If Gibson had his way, he would be sporting this hair at daddy's football games in the fall.

5.  Eat more bacon.
6.  Learn to nap at other peoples' houses.
7.  Start walking.  Or maybe not, because being carried everywhere is awesome.
8.  Successfully ride Ellie.
9.  Eat a battery.
10.  Scream through his birthday party.  After he eats his cake, of course.

So.  It's a weird list, but that's what Gibson wants to accomplish this year!  Who am I to judge?

What are your baby's resolutions this year?  Gibson wants to know!
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  1. Cute! My 6 year old made the resolution to visit all 50 states, and I'm on board with that... then he made some creepy and apocalyptic predictions for the New Year and I dropped the subject.

    1. Haha! I'm not looking forward to the time when Gibson starts saying creepy things...kids are strange sometimes!

  2. Harm wants to:
    Learn to crawl
    Learn the sit
    Walk by the end of the year
    Successfully chew through my computer cord before his Mom notices
    Start talking
    Grow some hair. We're not even going for a rat tail. Enough hair that it's noticeable from a distance would be great.

    1. Ahhhh, the computer cord. Why do babies love them so much? Also, Gibson was bald for quite awhile before he randomly sprouted a ton of hair...maybe Harm will be the same!

  3. My babies resolutions are to play more :)

    Gotta love kids and their simplicity, wouldn't it be great to think simple again!



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