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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I like big butts: Special Victims Unit

If you do some research about cloth diapering, you'll read all about how you need special detergent (you don't!) and special diaper creams and magical unicorn saliva to rinse them.  And it can seem really overwhelming.  But don't worry, it's not!  Most of the time, cloth diapers are the best!  But honestly, in some situations disposables are easier for us.


Calm down.  Sometimes they're easier, alright?

So let's talk about what you need to do with cloth diapers in special situations!  Slash at night, because nighttime is special, too.

Also, my first choice for the title of this post was "I like big butts at night," but then I decided that since I'm not only addressing nighttime diapering, it wouldn't work.  But it still makes me giggle!

Anyway.  Let's discuss.

Diapering at night
Using cloth diapers at night has been one of the more difficult parts of using cloth for us.  Gibson is a super heavy wetter at night, and what we used when he was younger stopped working a few months ago.  He would wake up completely soaked, and it was really unfortunate.

There are lots of options for overnight diapers, but what works for us is a Green Mountain Diaper workhorse fitted diaper with a Thirsties hemp insert and a Flip cover.  It's HUGE.  Gibson looks crazy at night, but it works!  He rarely leaks any more, which means that I wash fewer crib sheets!  Yay!

It can take some trial and error to find what will work for your baby at night, but we've found that cloth diapers actually work better for us overnight than disposables.  When Gibson has been in disposables, we have to cover the disposable with a cloth diaper so he won't leak.  And then his butt looks SUPER huge.

Gibson hasn't really had diaper rash since we've been using cloth diapers, which is the best!  But sometimes he does get a little red, and we use coconut oil to combat that.  Coconut oil is cloth diaper safe, meaning that it won't build up on the diaper and cause absorption issues.  Also, the dog really likes it and tries to lick Gibson's butt if I don't get a diaper on it quickly enough!

...too much information?  Sorry.

At one point, Gibson had sores on his tush from being constipated, so we switched over to disposable diapers and used a combination of vaseline and a strong diaper cream to heal it.  If we had wanted to continue using cloth diapers, we would have needed to put a barrier between the creams and the diaper (like a fleece liner) or scrubbed the diapers with dish soap to keep the creams from building up.  And I don't know about you, but I don't have time to scrub all his diapers, so disposables it is!

As I've said recently, Gibson has had a tough time with the antibiotics for his ear infection.  In this instance, cloth diapers saved us from poop blowouts.  It's INSANE the amount of poop cloth diapers can hold in, even when it's...um...liquid.

Sorry to gross everyone out.

For us, disposable diapers don't hold poop in nearly as well, and we get blowouts.  But with the number of diaper changes we were doing while he was sick, disposables would have been really convenient.

We haven't dealt with yeast infections so far, but from what I've read, if your child has a yeast infection it's a good idea to switch over to disposable diapers until the infection has been gone for around two weeks.  After the infection is gone, you will need to do a bleach soak on your diapers to kill any yeast that may be hanging out on your diapers...you don't want the yeast to come back!

Some people find traveling with cloth diapers easy, and some don't.  For me, it depends on where we're going and how long we will be gone.  Cloth diapers are easier because they hold in poop and last overnight for us, but they also take up SO MUCH ROOM when we're packing.  And then I have to drag a huge bag of dirty diapers home and do laundry right when I get home.

So.  I tend to think that disposables are probably easier for travel.  But you can feel however you want about that!

Wearing clothes
Putting clothes on over cloth diapers can be a fairly special experience.  For Gibson, we have to go up at least one, if not two, sizes in pants because of the size of his butt.  We just cuff his pants since they're way too long and he looks a little bit crazy.  For onesies, we have to go up one size.

Girls are easy...just throw a dress on over that diaper!  Boom!  Easy.

...and this is why Gibson pretty much wears a shirt and diaper most of the time at home.  It's just easier.

I think that's all the special stuff I have to talk about!  Has anyone dealt with other special situations I may have missed?

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And if you have questions, comment!  And if you don't have questions, comment!  And if you want to tell me that it's weird how much I talk about poop, GET OVER IT.
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  1. The title of this post has me giggling like a little girl lol! My daughter is a heavy wetter at night, so I might have to try out your suggestion!

  2. We use a Kawaii heavy overnighter for G at nights, and a Flip with a folded cotton insert and a Thirsties large hemp for extra absorbancy for H. Works great for us!

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