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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm so excited!

Does anyone else think of Jessie Spano doing drugs and going crazy on Saved by the Bell when they hear those words?  Or is it just me?

It might just be me.  And that's ok.

So anyway, I'm excited!  And you'll probably make fun of me when you hear why I'm excited.  Go ahead and make fun, y'all!

I ran out of this cleaner, and my new supply came today!!!!!

...pardon me while I deal with this kid who isn't as excited as I am about cleaning supplies.

Perfect.  I gave him a ball of yarn and now he's happy.  He's a cat.

So anyway.  This cleaner is my FAVE (favorite, for those of you less hip than I).  It smells like lemon skittles and it removes grease and grossness.  Which is why I love it.

Did you ever let your house get dirty and then get new cleaner and get excited to clean it?

I DID!  Right now, even.  With a sick baby and sick self, my house isn't very clean.  So now I get to clean it with a brand new bottle of lemon goodness!

So in case you wanted to buy some of this stuff, you can find it >here<.  And probably some other places, but I buy everything on Amazon!

Also, sorry I'm weird and get excited about cleaning supplies sometimes. 

And also I'm not being compensated in any way by J.R. Watkins, but maybe I should be!  So.  J.R. Watkins, if you're reading this, I would like to be compensated for telling all of my thousands tens of followers about your amazing stuff.

...we'll see how that turns out.  I bet they book me for a national commercial pretty soon, especially since I look so overwhelmingly beautiful in those photos with my no makeup and no glasses and hair wet in a ponytail!

Ok, I'm going to go clean something now!  TTYL!  

...that's talk to you later.  I'm just super hip, so I use acronyms.
Thanks in advance for clicking at the top to vote for my blog!

...that's kind of presumptuous, isn't it?  Oh well.


  1. I as soon as I saw the title, I thought of Jessie Spano! :)
    (Now I have it stuck in my head)

  2. Hohhot Jessie Spano, just pop the pills, practice your dance routine, be the perfect girlfriend to your pig main squeeze ac slater& ace your SATS !! Lol


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