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Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's all Greek to me!

So, Gibson is getting over this awful ear infection, and is on antibiotics for it.  And...antibiotics.  They do bad things to his poor body.

Poop-related things.  Do I need to go into more detail?  Because you don't even want to know, I promise.  Danny and I are scarred for life.

So anyway, in order to combat the bad poop-related things, we're giving Gibson a probiotic and feeding him as much yogurt as he'll eat.

And it turns out that he really really likes PLAIN Greek yogurt.

Plain.  Greek.  Yogurt.

Gross, right?  It tastes like sour cream!  Nasty.  But he looooooves it.  So, so much.  He's like a hungry little piranha when he sees the yogurt and spoon come out.

But the worst part about Greek yogurt isn't that it smells gross and tastes even grosser.  The worst part is that when it dries, it becomes an indelible chalk-like substance that CANNOT BE WASHED OFF EVER.

So Gibson is in a perpetual state of looking like he just ate a powdered donut, because he throws a huge tantrum when I try to scrub yogurt chalk off his face.

...powdered donuts are way more delicious than Greek yogurt.  In case you wondered what I thought.
For every person who clicks on the lady at the top of this page, I'll donate one powdered donut to my stomach.  But hurry and do it before Danny gets home!  He's a donut thief.


  1. I felt a bit like that when my son dipped his grapes in his ketchup tonight! Great post! :)

  2. It's funny how kids have a different take on foods. My son used to mix milk with orange juice and dip his bread in there. And he loves it so much.


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