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Friday, January 31, 2014

Lately I have had the strangest feeling

...with no vivid reason here to fiiiiiind.

Thanks for the blog title, Stevie. You're the best.

So anyway.  Many things have been happening lately, so you get a random mix of fun facts again!  I'm good at random posts.

Gibson pretty much just crawls on his hands and knees now!  Even on tile!  Every once in awhile he drops to his belly because army crawling is still a little faster, though.

We've given Gibson some new foods and he loved them all!  They include beans (gross), mango (gross), broccoli (blech), salsa (yum), couscous (delish), and tomatoes (nasty).  Obviously he's less picky than I am.  Thank goodness.

I thought Gibson's ear infection was finally going away, but now he's tugging his ears again.  This is not ok with me.

Gibson is cutting yet another tooth.  *insert expletive here*  And it's a molar, of course.

Speaking of teeth, Gibson's teeth are CRAZY.  On the bottom he has the normal four teeth that he should have.  But on top he has his two central incisors, and then the other teeth are all on the left side.  He has the one tooth fused to his central left tooth, the canine next to that one, and the molar next to the canine is coming.  Why can't he be normal??  And also, why can't teeth be made of feathers and come in painlessly?  WHY?

...these are the questions I have regarding teething.

Sleep has been horrific lately, and we're all very sad about it.  But last night Gibson slept through the night!  He randomly does that, but I'm hoping this time it sticks forever.  Because we're all very, very exhausted.

In that vein, I have been subsisting on coffee for the past couple of weeks.

I love coffee.

Gibson has transitioned to taking two naps instead of three!  Hooray!  And each nap usually lasts almost two hours, which is literally the best.  Now if we could just get some sleep at night, he would be the perfect baby!

Just kidding, he's already perfect.

I bought a hoodie at Walmart for $7 and I love it.  It's very comfy.  And also Gibson loves the strings on the hood.

He's a hood rat!  Hahaha.  I'm tired.
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