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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not a post about vomit

I was going to write a post about how Gibson thinks it's hilarious when I throw up and laughs at me the entire time I'm vomiting, but then I decided that people might be grossed out.  So I won't be posting about that.

Also, because I feel like I'll get questions otherwise, no I'm not pregnant.  Just sick...but feeling a little better today, thanks for asking!

Instead of writing about vomit, I guess I'll find something else.  Even though I really love writing about vomit.

Danny had two weeks off of school for winter break!  We loved having him home...and luckily, his district cancelled school for the past two days because of the extremely awful, sub-zero temperatures.  So I got to have him home while I was sick!  Hooray!  I'm sure he's thrilled about it, too...taking care of a sick wife and teething baby.  What fun!

Speaking of teething babies, I'm pretty sure Gibson is already breaking one of his resolutions.  It would seem that we may have another tooth or two on the way, and Gibson's mood is really showing it.  His sleep is, too.  It's truly unfortunate.

Yesterday wasn't as bad as the weekend was, though!  Mostly because he discovered my measuring tape, which is apparently the greatest toy in the entire land.  He's a cat.

Speaking of cats, Ellie has been incredibly annoying lately.  But then she snuggles me at night, so I still love her.

...remember, Ron Swanson says that any dog under 50 pounds is a cat.  So Ellie is a cat.

Apparently my dehydrated brain can't think of anything to actually write about.  So I'll leave you now.  I hope everyone is warm and not throwing up!
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  1. it doesn't seem that clicking the lady votes for you...it just takes me to a list of other mommy-type blogs...which sorry, i'm not in the market for. i only have eyes for you.

    1. Heifer boo! You're the best for clicking for me! It doesn't take you to a voting page, just the home page for that website...very confusing. But don't worry, when you click it votes! Dovey!

  2. ohhh! so confusing! but i will keep doing it then :) doveyyy!


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