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Monday, January 27, 2014

You googled what?!

I have a lot of fun perusing my blog stats every once in awhile.  It's cool to see where my readers are from and what kind of browser they use (Chrome, mostly.  In case you wondered).  But my favorite thing is seeing what people search for in search engines to find my blog.  Until recently, no one found me via Google, but suddenly lots of seven people have!  Hooray!

So here are my favorite things that have been Googled and led people here.

1.  "Rat tail hair"
I'm assuming >this post< is what Google came up with as a result for this search, but when I perused 40 or so pages of results I couldn't find it.  What I did find was that lots of people are way too interested in rat tails.  And also some photos of nasty rats...so I can't recommend that anyone search for "rat tail hair" to try and find my blog.  You'll just be scarred for life and have nightmares about rats forever.

2.  "does poo come out of flour sack towels"
First of all, I love that the word "poo" was used instead of poop.  It makes me giggle.  Second of all, when I googled this I actually did find my blog!  On the first page, even.  I hope I helped this person answer their question about poo.  Because that's my goal in life, you know.

3.  "art"
...do you know how many results come up when you google "art"?  It's a buttload.  How on earth did someone find my blog from searching "art"?  I don't even know, you guys.  And I'm too lazy to find out.

4.  "my baby spits up when in his jumper"
Girl, I feel your pain.

I probably could have blogged about something way more important today, like how Gibson ate salsa yesterday and his poo (giggle) looked weird this morning.  But probably no one wants to hear about that.

...but if you do want to hear about it, let me know and I'll tell you!  Because it was weeeeeird.
If you want me to stop talking about poo, click the lady in the top right corner of my blog!  Maybe that will help!


  1. Haha I think this stuff all the time. One of the search terms that led someone to my blog was "does morgan freeman sing in the grinch".......seriously how does that even work?!?!


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