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Saturday, February 8, 2014

11 months old!

I know I say it every month, but WOAH.  How did we get here?  How did my teensy tiny babykins become an 11-month-old???

Don't worry about me.  I'm just going to curl up in the corner with a bottle of wine apple juice for the next month or so.  Carry on with your lives.

This month has been one of the hardest in my life.  Gibson was sick for basically the entire month of January, and is still fighting an ear infection.  We also hit the peak of his sleep problems this month, which really just isn't good for anyone.

*sidenote: Interestingly enough, Gibson's sleep problems seem to have had the most effect on Ellie.  Every time he starts to even whimper in bed, her ears disappear and she shakes until he's back asleep.  Sometimes she huddles next to the toilet for hours.  I'm honestly a little bit worried about her!  /end sidenote

At the same time, it's been one of my favorite months with Gibson!  He has grown like crazy, and keeps doing new things and meeting new milestones that I absolutely didn't expect him to.  I can't believe how much fun it is to watch him grow!

Our sleep issues are FINALLY getting better!  I attribute that mostly to getting rid of his crib...if you didn't read my post about that, you can find it >here<.  I will be writing a more in-depth post about his sleep soon, in case you wondered.  As far as teeth go, he's still growing them.  Even though I told him to stop it.  

Darn it, Gibson!

Anyway.  Teeth.  He has eight, and it looks like at least two on the way.  Boo.  

Gibson weighs somewhere around 24 pounds, and is around 30 inches long.  He wears 12 or 18 month clothing, depending on the brand.  His legs are finally getting longer, so he no longer looks stumpy!  Hooray!

And now I hope you're ready for lots of lists...because here they come!  YAY!

Gibson's new skills:
-Crawling on all fours (FINALLY!).  He's getting fast, and wants to go go go all the time.
-Pulling up into standing.  And then falling down.
-Putting himself into a sitting position.
-Kissing with his mouth closed.  As much as I liked the slobbery kisses, this is much nicer.
-Giving high fives!  Daddy especially loves this one.

Funny things:
-He tries to share his milk with Ellie.
-Sometimes he puts a sock or pair of pants in his mouth and crawls around like a puppy.
-He is skeptical of people with hoods on.  He'll stare with a perplexed look, and then burst into a smile when the hood is taken off.  It's strange.
-Gibson gets on his hands and knees and shakes his head back and forth.  And sometimes he'll pull himself into standing and then wave his head around like crazy.
-He pokes things with pens.  And tries to use pens and remote controls to grab things that are out of reach.
-When we converted his room, Gibson found an old pacifier behind his dresser.  He couldn't figure out what to do with it and chewed on it for awhile.  It fell on the floor, so he got into a bear crawl position, leaned down with his head, and picked the pacifier up using only his mouth.  Now THAT'S talent!

Gibson loves:
-Making people laugh.  Sometimes he'll be super silly just so people will laugh at him...so cute.
-Eating!  His favorite foods are grapes, bananas, clementines, quesadillas, and plain Greek yogurt.
-Ellie's food/water bowl.  I can't keep him away from it!  He loves to splash his hands in her water and try to eat her food.  Yuck.
-Baths.  He is constantly crawling into the bathroom and pointing at the tub.  Bath time is definitely one of the best parts of our day!
-Books.  He mostly likes to point at the pictures and wave them around in the air...so far he's not really patient enough to sit while we read him a book.
-Dishes.  Gibson especially likes banging silverware on our plates...hooray.
-Walking.  I don't think he'll start walking by himself anytime soon (although I could be wrong!), but he loves walking with help!

Gibson hates:
-Ear infections.  Because really...they're awful.

...honestly, he doesn't hate a whole lot these days!  He's been grumpy lately, but that's probably because he has an everlasting ear infection and several sharp pieces of bone poking their way through his gums.  I would be grumpy, too, Gibson.  For real.

And of course we have photos!  Now that he's mobile photo shoots are much harder!  We have to give Gibson something to hold and play with while I take pictures...otherwise I can kiss the idea of cute photos goodbye!

There's my sweet boy!  He's a huge blessing, and such a joy to hang out with!  I can't wait to see him keep growing and learning.  And hopefully stop growing teeth, because really.  It's getting a little bit ridiculous.
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