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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Jekyll Jekyll HYDE, Jekyll HYDE HYDE Jekyll!

Arthur?  Anyone?

Anyway, I have nothing to say about Arthur, really, except that's what I thought of when I decided on the title for this post.

Gibson has been ridiculous lately.

...more ridiculous than usual, at least.

He goes from being the absolute happiest baby in the world to being the angriest baby and back in a split second.  Let's use yesterday as an example:
2:45--Gibson wakes up from his nap in a neutral mood.

2:50--Gibson discovers that the windows are open and thinks it is the GREATEST.  He stands at the window with the curtains blowing in his face and laughs his butt off.

2:52--Ellie stands in front of Gibson so he can't see the window.  Gibson begins screaming as if someone ripped off his toenail.

2:52.5--Mom turns on "Let it Go" from Frozen.  Gibson transitions quickly into a neutral mood and watches the video.

2:55--The video ends and Gibson hits mom in the face and yells at her.

2:56--Mom asks Gibson to be gentle and puts him on the floor.  Gibson crawls away while shrieking.

2:57--Gibson rediscovers the open window and laughs hysterically.

2:58--Gibson falls down and hits his head on a teddy bear.  He begins to scream hysterically again.
It's exhausting.  Ex. Haust. Ing.

Gibson's mood changes in the time it takes to send a text message.  I know this because I like to text Danny when Gibson is super happy...and he's usually screaming by the time I hit send.  Most of our text conversations go:

Erin: Gibson is so happy! Today is wonderful!
Erin: Never mind.  He's the worst.
Erin: Ahhhh happy baby!  This is the best!
Erin: Darn it! Why can't he just be happy?
Erin: Woah! I've never seen Gibson this happy!

You'll notice that Danny doesn't really play a part in these conversations...that's because he's busy molding minds and teaching children about the wonders of music.

And also because he can't keep up with Gibson's mood swings, so how would he even respond?

I knooooooow you're all going to tell me that this is just normal behavior for a child on the cusp of being a toddler.  And I know that.  But it's still exhausting, OKAY?

The end.  I'm going to drink some coffee now.
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