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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gibson's cake smash

You probably remember that Gibson has a birthday coming up.  And it turns out that I can't stop his birthday from coming, so I have decided to embrace it.

So we did Gibson's cake smash photos!  Hooray!

Up until the cake smash, Gibson hadn't eaten anything sweet at all, besides fruit.  We put the cake on the backdrop, and both of us suddenly got a little panicky about feeding it to Gibson.

"Are you sure we should do this?  That's a lot of sugar!  He's never had sugar!  What if he doesn't sleep for the rest of the day???  WHAT IF SUGAR IS POISONOUS FOR BABIES??!!?"

We're obviously first-time parents.

But we decided that we would still do it, because cute photos are the most important thing.

So we sat Gibson down in front of the cake and he looked at it.  And then he pointed at it.  For like five minutes.

And then he *almost* touched it.  And pulled his hand away.

He did this for ten minutes.  He just smiled at Danny while almost touching the cake.  It was cute at first, but got old after a few minutes.

And FINALLY, he ate a little, tiny bit of frosting.

And the heavens opened, and Gibson decided that cake is the best thing in the world.  Besides bananas, of course.

He ate the top of the cake very methodically.  Only his left hand was used for eating; the right hand stayed at his side, unmarred by frosting.

There was no real smashing...just eating.  He shoved handful after handful of cake into his mouth, with no signs of stopping.

Until he knocked the cake plate over, and then the cake smash was OVER.  Because Gibson was screaming.

And then he pooped in the bathtub!  And after that, he pooped on the living room floor, which I thought was literally the funniest thing I've ever, ever seen.  I couldn't even clean it up because I was laughing so hard.

I think that annoyed Danny, probably.  Because what good am I if I can't even clean poop up from the living room floor?

Here are some sneak peeks of Gibson's smash photos!  There's no poop in the pictures, don't worry.

Pointing at the cake.


 Sweet boy!  And the top of the cake is GONE.

Gibson's birthday wish* is that everyone would click the banner below to vote for his mommy's blog everyday from now until his birthday!  So you should do it, because when he doesn't get what he wants he throws tantrums.

*He hasn't said so explicitly, but I assume this is his birthday wish.  Why wouldn't it be?

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