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Monday, February 24, 2014

Let it Go

Over the course of Gibson's short life, we have come up with a million different ways to calm him down when he's screaming.  Some of them only worked when he was little, and some have stood the test of time.  ...or, at least they've stood the test of 11 months.

...and actually, looking at the chart below, it looks like food is the only technique that has lasted from birth until now.  I'm in trouble when this boy is a teenager.

Some of Gibson's favorite soothing techniques to date have been:

Birth-3 months: Swaddling
Birth-4 months: Bouncing on an exercise ball
Birth-10 months: Butt patting
Birth-present: Formula/food
2 weeks-6 months: Being in the Ergo carrier
4 months-present: Bubble Guppies
6-7 months: Loud "whooping" sounds

But now he's a big boy, and is much too smart to be soothed by such simple things as butt patting and whooping noises.  Which sucks, because patting his butt is so easy!

...the whooping noises were never done in public.  Because me whooping over and over would have been more of a disturbance to other people than Gibson's screaming, I promise.  It was obnoxious.

Luckily, I have found a video that consistently calms Gibson down!  No matter what he's doing, he stops and stares at it and then resumes screaming when it's over.  And I love it, too, which is fantastic because we watched it seven times in a row the other day.  And we've watched it at least four times a day since then.

So without further ado, here is Gibson's new favorite song!  (Here's the >link< for mobile users.)

I'm probably weird, but I cried when I saw the sweet little boys in the choir because I was imagining Gibson in a choir someday.

...definitely weird.
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  1. hahahahahahahha I love this post. I love your sense of humor and transparency. Would you like to be a contributing writer about SAHM on my upcoming website (it's not a blog at all)? Please let me know ~Sunshine


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