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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My strange puppy baby

I've written twice before about Gibson's idiosyncrasies, and it turns out that he has, once again, changed.

I can't keep up with this kid!

Also, I could fill an entire blog post with just the strange things that he's done so far this morning.  I'm assuming that all babies are weird, but mine seems very, very weird to me.  It's super hilarious, of course...we welcome weirdness in our family!
We also welcome New Girl.  Because it's the funniest.

...but I digress.

Here are some of Gibson's newest weirdies!

When I say, "Get your bear!" Gibson crawls to his bear as quickly as possible and attacks it with his face.  And then he puts it in his mouth and tries to crawl away like a puppy.

Speaking of crawling like a puppy, Gibson likes to put things in his mouth and crawl around.  It works pretty well when he puts a sock in his mouth, but usually he tries to use a blanket or sleeper instead.  And then it gets caught under his knees and he can't crawl and it's hilarious.  At least until he starts screaming in frustration.

Gibson especially loves it when his daddy holds him and runs away from me.  And I have to growl at him and chase them, and then I "catch" him.  After I catch him, Danny turns around and they "chase" me down the hall while I scream loudly, and then Gibson "catches" me.  He could do this for hours if we allowed it.  But we don't, because after awhile my throat hurts from all the growling and screaming.  And also our neighbors think we're crazy, and we don't really want to perpetuate that opinion.

He is OBSESSED with my wireless keyboard.  Today I went to the door to sign for a package, and when I came back he had gotten the keyboard off the couch and carried it across the room.  Gibson is especially enamored with the caps lock key, because it has a little green light that turns on and off.  So he presses it over and over and over and over.  It'S VERy hARd fOR me TO TYpe ThESe dAyS.

One of Gibson's newest things is biting our clothes.  He will crawl over to me, climb on my leg, and attack my pants with his teeth.  Or my shirt, or Danny's tie.  Pretty much whatever he sees.  At church on Sunday Gibson reared back with his teeth bared, sank them into my shirt, and then shook his head like a wild animal.

I'm pretty sure Gibson will be a dentist when he grows up, because he is obsessed with touching and looking at my teeth.  He especially likes to do this during worship at church for some reason.  I'll be singing and then suddenly there's a slimy little finger hooked behind my bottom teeth.  And believe me, the kid has SLIMY hands.  Blech.

...it would seem that he enjoys being distracting at church.  Tiny heathen.

Gibson loves to share his water/milk/food/spitty fingers with other people and things.  He has started taking a drink of water and then offering it to his teddy bear, which is adorable.  And he offers milk to Ellie, which she would willingly take if I let her.  I often get offered half-chewed pieces of quesadilla.
Thanks buddy!  Just what I always wanted!

Such a weird baby, for real.  But I guess I love him anyway.
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...I need a good laugh.  HAHA!

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  1. Weird thing about myself: I have strange congregants. Last Sunday while I was preaching, a lady in the pews was viscously attacked by a small child acting like a rabid animal. The strangest part was her reaction. She smiled, patted him lovingly, and then I'm pretty sure she growled back at him.

    1. Hahahaha! You obviously pastor a very special church. ;)

  2. The most significant update, anyway this that parents should enable their children to be comfort with whatever bit of children's clothing they are wearing.


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