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Monday, February 17, 2014

Our sleep miracle: Montessori bedroom update

Now that Gibson has been out of his crib for a couple of weeks, I thought I would update everyone on how the transition went!

If you haven't read my initial post about Gibson's bedroom, scurry on over and read it >here<!  And then come back, ok?

Ok!  Now that we're all here, let's discuss!  And because you know I love lists, I'm going to make a couple right now.  YAY!

My favorite things about the Montessori bedroom

1.  Much less crying before naps and bedtime.
Gibson is much more likely to play and laugh to himself than cry anymore, and it's amazing!  Screaming baby=stressed out parents.  Happy baby=happy parents!

2.  Fewer wakings at night.
I don't know why, but Gibson stopped waking up at night to eat once we moved him out of his crib.  Now he only wakes up once between 4-6 in the morning to eat, and then sleeps until 7:30 or so.

3.  Independent play time!
Gibson gets free reign of his room, and he loves it!  Mom isn't there to say "no" and pull him away from things...since everything is 100% safe for him, he can do basically whatever he wants in there.  I love that it's teaching him how to play on his own.

4.  Watching Gibson's antics with the video monitor.
I really, really love watching Gibson play!  And remember, I might be a little crazy about it.

5.  I don't have to reach into the crib to pick Gibson up.
This is silly, probably, but since we moved Gibson's mattress on the crib down, it was really hard to reach in and get him!  And also I couldn't lean over the side and kiss his head.  Now I just lay on the floor next to him and kiss his little cheeks as much as I want!  Ha!

Things I don't love about the Montessori bedroom

1.  I don't have control over where Gibson sleeps.
This isn't a problem everyone will have, but I have control issues sometimes.  And when Gibson decides to sleep pressed up against his closet doors, I get twitchy...I mean, there's a bed RIGHT THERE!  Why not sleep in it???  Who in their right mind would choose the FLOOR over a BED???!?!  SERIOUSLY!

It's ok, I'm learning to let go.

Um, that's pretty much the only thing I don't like about it.  So now a third list!

Tips for those who want to try it out

1.  Research!
Read about Montessori bedrooms (on more reputable websites than mine)!  Like I've said before, I research everything to death before I make decisions, and I think this is something that is important to research.

2.  Babyproof literally EVERYTHING.
Crawl around your child's room to see what they could get into.  Tether furniture to the wall, particularly if it can be climbed up.  Even if it seems like it couldn't be pulled over, it's a good idea to tether for your peace of mind.

3.  Take things off the wall if they're heavy.
We learned this the hard way.  There was a clock on Gibson's wall that we thought would be fine, but the first night he banged his head into the wall and it fell.  Not on him, thank goodness, but it was still scary!

4.  Get a video monitor.
We thought that we would be fine without one, but it turns out that hearing loud bangs from Gibson's room without knowing what was happening made us super anxious!  If you need a recommendation for a video monitor, let me know!  We love ours, and it wasn't super expensive.

5.  Give it time.
Babies take some time to get used to new things, and at first it definitely seemed like the floor bed wouldn't work.  We decided to give it a week and then reevaluate, even if that week was super hard.  Luckily, Gibson transitioned really easily, but other babies might not take to a floor bed like he did.  So give it time!  You can always bring the crib back in if a floor bed doesn't work for your baby.

6.  Buy a bottle of wine for the first couple of nights.
The first two or three nights were a harrowing experience for me.  I was hearing noises, but I had no idea what was happening.  "Babies are supposed to be in cribs!" I thought to myself as I chewed my fingernails and rocked back and forth.  But he was fine, obviously.  I'm just crazy.  And I calmed down after a couple of nights, don't worry.

...except he is currently rolling around on the floor instead of sleeping and I'm getting twitchy again.  *twitch twitch*

If you have questions about our experience, let me know!  This change has been incredible for our family, and I would definitely encourage anyone who thinks it might work for them to try it!

And really, a chunky baby rolling around on the floor with his blanket.  Who doesn't want that?

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