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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our sleep woes

WARNING: This is a very melodramatic post.

Remember how Gibson has been sleeping so well since we took his crib away?

(If you don't remember that, go read >this< post and >this< post.  And try to remember next time, ok?)

Well, it would seem that teething and the 12 month sleep regression have RUINED HIM.  And I'm not happy about it.

I mean, I know that there are lots of ups and downs in the world of baby sleep.  And for the beginning of his life, we were pretty lucky.  But then Gibson decided to smite us and never sleep again.

Last night he was up screaming many, many times.  And then he would calm down and make us think that he was asleep, and the instant I started to fall asleep he started screaming again.

HOW DOES HE ALWAYS KNOW???  Seriously.  Do children have some sort of sixth sense that tells them when mom and dad are on the brink of sleep?  Because it's the worst.  DID YOU HEAR THAT, GIBSON??  YOU'RE THE WORST!

...I'm sorry about that outburst.  Gibson obviously isn't the worst.  I'm just tired.

And of course Gibson woke up bright and cheerful this morning, while I was dragging myself around for ten minutes trying to find a diaper to put on him.  It isn't FAIR!

And now he has discovered the ONE thing in his bedroom that makes noise when you press a button, and is pressing it instead of napping.  So I keep hearing "God Made You Special" in the voice of Jr. Asparagus from Veggietales over and over and over and over.  And the sound I really want to hear from his room is SILENCE.  Or snoring.

"Who could sleep when there are fun buttons to press, Mom?"

So now I'm going to break my rule about not intervening and go to Gibson's room to take away that book.  Because the child NEEDS TO SLEEP.  Otherwise we'll have an awfully long day ahead of us.

UPDATE!  I went to Gibson's room and discovered him right behind the door.  He tried to open the door and crawl out, but I intercepted him and put him on the mattress with his blanket.  I then took the Veggietales books and got the heck out of Dodge!  He wasn't too happy about the whole situation.

Here's the book that made my sweet baby decide not to nap:

It's a lovely book with a great message, but let me tell you something: that aspargus's voice is the most annoying ever.  Particularly when you hear it ten times in a row when your baby should be sleeping.

UPDATE 2: Gibson is asleep!

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