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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The year I looked like a boy

I'm about to tell you a very traumatizing story from my childhood.  Some have said that it is "hilarious!" and "hahahahahaha so funny."  But I think it's traumatizing...and I'm the only one whose opinion matters, alright?

Ok.  Take a deep breath.  Here we go.

In fourth grade I looked like a boy.  You don't believe me?  Have a look.

Remember these earrings...they'll come into play later.

At the time, I didn't think that I looked masculine at all.  I loved my pixie haircut, and I always wore earrings and cute girl clothes.

Sidenote: the overalls in my fourth grade photo were my favorite.  SO CUTE.  I wish I could wear them now, for real.

And then one time I went to Vacation Bible School at my church.  There was a missionary who served in China, and he was telling us about the children there.  He wanted us to know how much like us they are.  And he counted the number of boys and girls in the room.

7 boys.  6 girls.

"What?" I thought to myself.  "There are 7 girls and 6 boys!  He didn't count right!"  And I let it go.

And then the well-meaning missionary decided to show us the kinds of clothes that boys and girls in China wear.  So he asked a girl in a dress and ME to come to the front.

At the time, I was super confused as to why he was using me as an example of what boys wear.  And then I remembered that he had "miscounted" the number of boys and girls in the room.

I was mortified.  MORTIFIED.

You're probably wondering what I was wearing that day.  Lucky for you, I have a ridiculous memory.

I was wearing a 4th of July tshirt, denim shorts, tennis shoes, and the earrings from my fourth grade photo.

EARRINGS, people.  I was wearing VERY LARGE EARRINGS.  Obviously not a boy.  *sob sob*

I suppose it's funny now, but it totally wasn't then.

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  1. OK, I'm not going to laugh. Aright, that's a lie, so please do not hate me right now, but I am laughing my behind off! Bahahaha!! OK, I had to get that out. Now, I'm serious again. I realize that as a fourth grader that probably really was traumatizing to your little psyche, and I wanted the story to go on as to how you got out of this, and what he said when he realized that you were indeed NOT a boy. Anyway, hopefully, you will tell me that part later! For now, I want to try to look at "the bright side" of this story, without being "one of those people"! That is because I hate it when you share something traumatizing and people try to 'happy' it away with their 'bright side' stories! Ugh! However, since this has had some years pass, I hope that I can get away with a few and still have you love me! :-) So, here goes.
    You are no longer in the 4th grade and you definitely DON'T look like a boy!
    You DO however, have an awesome little boy, who will look like a boy in the 4th grade, and if a missionary comes to your church, you will have no worries of history repeating itself!
    And most importantly, hopefully this story will let you know that feeling you had and how important that was to that 4th grader that you were. So that will allow you to have empathy and remember, when Mr. Gibson is feeling something that doesn't seem to be of great importance to an adult, that you will understand and be gentle! And that is a very important "Mama skill" to have!
    See, still all in God's plan!
    Love it! Love you guys! Miss these 'little talks'!

  2. I'm certain I had exactly the same haircut and overalls when I was about that age! I remember going to visit a mine with my grandparents. The guide was explaining that very young boys would be hired to work at the doors, making sure they always closed so that the air quality and pressure would remain constant for the employees. To demonstrate, he asked me- ME! to show everyone how it would be done. Because he thought I was a boy, I guess. Nice to know I wasn't alone. :

    1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who went through this, Petrina! I really loved my short hair, but I definitely grew it out after that year!


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