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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cutie patootie vampire

Gibson has been so ridiculously adorable lately, it's not even funny.

...except sometimes it's super funny.  But you know what I mean.

So now I'm going to tell you about all the cute things Gibson is doing lately!  Hooray!

This morning I went to the bathroom and left him in the living room because he was playing so happily.  I heard him going "Muhmuh!  Muhmuh!"  And then I heard him crawling, and he popped his head into the bathroom and went "Ah HAH!" And started giggling.  I know he doesn't know what "Ah hah" means, but it was so cuuuuute!

Also this morning, I asked him where his baby was.  Usually he goes and grabs the baby by the foot and bangs its head on the floor (remember, he's not a very good daddy).  But this time he looked around and then pointed straight at my face and started laughing like crazy.

Also also this morning, I kissed Gibson on the cheek while he was holding his baby.  And then he kissed his baby on the mouth, complete with a big "Mmmmmmmmmmmuah!"

...and then he whacked the baby's head on his Mega Bloks.  But the kiss was still sweet!

He has continued to do his cheesy smile, but now it also happens when he's crying.  He tilts his head back, wrinkles his nose, squints his eyes, and cries with his teeth showing.  In case you wondered what this looks like, here it is:

That was actually a "smile," but it looks the same as the cry.  Just imagine that his head is tilted back a little more and his teeth are all showing and he's wailing loudly.  And then say a little prayer to thank God that he's my wailing baby and not yours.

Yesterday I was letting Gibson type a message to some friends, which is a huge treat since he never gets to touch the keyboard.  So he was typing with one finger (his preferred way to do everything), and then decided that typing with his lips might be better.  So he typed with his lips.  And I laughed hysterically, and then he laughed hysterically.

We're a hysterical family.

When Gibson is sad I put him on my lap and let him go backwards so he's upside-down.  He really likes it, and it usually cheers him up!  Except now he tries to fling himself backwards every time I hold him.  Which is obviously dangerous.

...maybe he's a vampire and just really wants to hang upside-down all the time?  I mean, it makes sense.  He doesn't like to sleep at night sometimes, and he likes to bite me.  And his skin sparkles in the sunshine!

Although that's from the glistening snot all over his face.  So he's probably not a vampire.

Thank goodness.

Yesterday at church Gibson was crawling around getting in peoples' way.  I picked him up to go back in the sanctuary, and when he saw Danny practicing with the worship team he started laughing really hard.  He loves his daddy and it's so SWEET.

Right now Gibson is sleeping quietly after a night of screaming and a morning of whining and crying.  Sleeping nicely is probably the cutest thing he's EVER DONE.
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  1. Eli loved to throw himself backwards, too... and at the most awkward times. Like, I don't know, walking down a flight of stairs. AWESOME. (Not.)

    1. Ha! Silly Eli! Sometimes I feel like I need to keep Gibson in a padded room...that way he could throw himself backwards and it wouldn't make any difference!


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