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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gibson's dowel rod

We have a four-foot-long dowel rod sitting around our house.  Because...why not?

Gibson has decided to love the dowel rod.

He likes to find it, pick it up, and crawl around with it in one hand.  Which is slightly terrifying to me.

I can just imagine him stabbing Ellie in the eye with it, or whacking himself in the head.  Or, even worse, smashing the television with it.


We really enjoy television in the Spit Up household.  Obviously.

I usually take the dowel rod away, but what if Gibson is supposed to be a famous javelin thrower someday and I'm keeping him from being all he can be?

Who am I to stop my child from being a famous javelin thrower?

So.  If I stop blogging sometime soon it's because Gibson has smashed the tv and I'm in mourning.

...I obviously don't love the television THAT much.  Only about as much as I love Ellie.  And cheesecake.
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