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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gibson's first haircut

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Gibson got his hair cut for the first time this morning!

...it's earth-shattering news, I know.

Lucky for him/us, one of our best friends is a hair stylist extraordinaire, and Gibson LOVES her.  So we figured it would go SO WELL!

Just kidding.  I knew from the start that it would be a train wreck.

Danny got a haircut first, because I thought it would make Gibson feel more comfortable to see Danny in the chair.

Hahaha!  Gibson doesn't pay attention to ANYTHING.  I'm delusional.

So my sexy husband got a very sexy hair cut, and he looks very sexy.

Sidenote: one time I got in trouble for saying "sexy" at daycare when I was little.  Apparently it's a "bad word."  /end sidenote

And then we sat Gibson in the chair, at which point he started SCREAMING.  So my phone became a Bubble Guppies machine instead of a camera machine.  That's the reason for the lack of photos.  Sorry.

We realized that he wasn't going to sit by himself, so I made the ultimate sacrifice and offered to sit with him and get covered in tiny pieces of hair.  Now the hair cutting could begin!

"Gibson, just sit still and we're going to chop off your rat tail with these beautiful shiny scissors!"


It turns out that Gibson is very, very observant.  Not even Bubble Guppies can distract him from a pair of very sharp scissors chopping away at his rat tail.  So it was obviously SUPER fun.

Luckily, we did get the rat tail cut off, but that's it.  Gibson has decided to be a modern-day Rapunzel and never ever get a hair cut again.

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